10,300 Illegal Votes Found in Georgia

10,300 Illegal Votes Found in Georgia 1

With each day the proof of the 2020 election fraud becomes more evident.

This updated evidence shows over 10,300 people voted in a GA county they no longer lived in. These are illegal votes according to Georgia law and nearly Trump’s loss margin of 12,670 votes. This list is growing as more people update their GA voter registration file with their new address.

Under Georgia law residents must vote in the county where they live, unless they move within 30 days of the election. So if you moved in October 3rd 2020 or earlier, you were required to vote in the county of your new address. Mark Davis, the president of Data Productions, Inc. is an expert in voter data analytics and residency issues. Since the Nov. 3rd election he’s been analyzing the Post Office National Change of Address (NCOA) data and voter registration data from the GA Secretary of State.

People notify USPS they moved by filling out a Change of Address form. Their mail is then forwarded to this new address. People are expected to notify the MVD, banks, friends, and vendors of their new address. However, many wait weeks, months or longer before they update their voter registration with that new address. Margo Cleveland at The Federalist has covered this GA story extensively.

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Months ago Davis found that 35,000 Georgians had moved from one county to another, and more than 30 days before the election.  We reported on this on December 2nd:

Voter Group in Georgia Has Identified More than 50,000 Illegal Votes – Enough Votes to Move Georgia to Trump Column

However, David recently received an updated voter database from the GA Secretary of State. As of May, more than 10,300 people have updated their voter registration and provided the GA Secretary of State the exact address they gave the USPS last year. These were Change of Address forms completed before October 3rd 2020. Yet they all cast ballots in the county of their old address.

During Trump’s election challenges critics said NCOA information for Georgia was unreliable or an insufficient magnitude to change the election. This excuse can no longer be used. Voters have now established the reliability of this information by personally updating their voter registration address with the same exact address they gave the Post Office (NCOA data). Georgia election spokespeople have denounced these new findings. They said Davis’ work includes “false positives” because he lacked access to voter SS numbers and birth dates. Davis refuted this claim, said “Every voter has a unique eight digit voter ID number”. These ID numbers tie voters names and addresses to their entire vote history. It also documents when and where their votes were cast. This data comes directly from the GA Secretary of State.

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