12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election Integrity

12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election
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12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election Integrity

By Ben Bartee – May 28, 2021

“There is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed, and fixed quick, by restoring integrity to how we self-govern.  Election fraud is the foundation of the Deep State; Election reform is how We the People take the power back to make America great again.”

-Robert David Steele

Join Robert David Steele in the state-by-state fight to #UNRIG US elections.

Steele, former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy, is the lone analyst who has studied and integrated all election reform proposals into a single, unified action plan.

Previous election reform proposals have consisted of fragmented, isolated elements that will not work without a larger, more coherent approach – one that closes all the trap doors that the 1% use to create a Congress chock full of traitors.

Steele — who manages ten websites and is currently making five movies in production, all while serving as the sole financial and legal authority for ARISE USA: The Resurrection Tour – is pounding the pavement on the way to a city near you to spread the word.

The Resurrection tour by the numbers:

  • 50 states
  • 84 stops
  • 111 days
  • 6 coaches, one gear truck
  • Over 90 speakers
  • One mission: #UNRIG US elections from top to bottom

Unchecked election fraud is how Wall Street controls Congress in order to get away with treason – best defined as collaborating with foreign governments, multinational corporations, and illegitimate international governing bodies like the UN to undermine the health of the US economy – as well as its crimes against the 99%.

Steele, assisted by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, has published #UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity (Trump Revolution). This powerful and transformative blueprint for free elections is available free online and also at Amazon.

The below graphic illustrates the twelve interdependent, integrated reforms.

12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election
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  • Universal Registration. As long as the Constitution maintains its rightful position as law of the land, the ability to exert control over your government via the election booth remains the inalienable birthright of every American citizen. If you have a social security number, you should be automatically eligible to vote – it’s that simple.
  • Free and Equal Ballot Access. Our republic demands equal access to the halls of power for all citizens, regardless of economic or social background. Dual citizens – meaning those with divided loyalties between the US and another nationality – are ineligible for public office.
  • Tightly-Drawn Districts Based on US Citizens. We must rid the non-representative practice of “gerrymandering” in which Congressional districts are maimed and contorted into obscene shapes meant to “pack” voters into voting blocks for the sake of one political party or another. This is an affront to moral governance.
  • Publicly Funded Elections. Corruption has become an endemic feature of the Washington Swamp. Lobbyist money – from multinational corporations, from foreign lobbying groups, and bureaucratic public unions – has hijacked the electoral process to the benefit of these interests and to the detriment of the average American family. The #UNRIG reforms will overturn Citizens United and other unconstitutional rulings to drain the swamp of special-interest cash.
  • Free and Equal Media Access. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is the new town square. The ability of candidates to express their views is a prerequisite for free and fair elections. To that end, free speech in all forms of media must be protected at all costs. That means, among other safeguards, no deplatforming whatsoever of any candidate for public office.
  • Inclusive Debates + Cabinet Debates. In a free society, third party candidates of all stripes – be they Libertarian, Green, Constitutional, or even Communist Party adherents – deserve to have the chance to make their case directly to the People. #UNRIG will not tolerate arbitrary debate qualification thresholds that shut important (and representative) voices out of the process as a tool to prop up the two-party dictatorship.
  • Primaries Open or Funded by Party. As we saw with the Bernie Sanders candidacies in both 2016 and 2020, powerful special interests (such as Wall St., Big Pharma, and Big Tech) that control the gears of the party machinery have the capacity to thwart the will of the People – and, worse, to use public taxpayer money to do so. #UNRIG will mandate that primaries be open to the public or that they be privately funded.
  • Election Day Holiday. National elections – as well as those at the state and local levels – should be national holidays. We will not tolerate elections on Tuesdays (working days for average Americans) that shut the middle and working classes out due to employment obligations.
  • Paper Ballots Counted Publicly + Exit Polling. Each election cycle, shadowy, unaccountable for-profit “technology firms”/political operations such as Dominion Voting enjoy oversight-free access that allows for the possibility to manipulate election results. This is unacceptable. #UNRIG is committed to reviewable, hard-copy paper ballots with systematic exit polling to back up the results.
  • End Winner-Take-All Voting. Ranked-choice voting (RCV), as practiced in other advanced nations in the West, is more representative by definition. In the US context, ranked-choice is critical to smashing the two-party chokehold on power.
  • No Secret Legislation. Secret clauses slipped into legislation, hidden from public scrutiny, have no place in representative governance. All proposed legislative items will be transparently displayed online prior to votes and any illegitimate secret laws rescinded.
  • Economic and Financial Integrity. The 1947 Taft-Hartley Act struck a major blow to the American middle and working classes’ abilities to galvanize their votes and protect their interests. #UNRIG will overturn such legislation while simultaneously banning corrosive Wall Street campaign funding and other special interest influences on the electoral process.

80% of the American populace – which is traditionally politically independent — is disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny. Electronic voting machines assure the “election” of the corrupt candidate before the first vote is cast. And in those rare instances where an honest candidate makes it through is elected, they are quickly bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into submission to the will of the 1%.

ARISE USA: The Resurrection Tour is seeking to engage 100% of all US voters in a national educational conversation about how best to rapidly restore Constitutional integrity to how we self-govern.

12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election
Integrity 3

We are in the final modern battle between good and evil; between the 1% and the 99%; between Wall Street and Main Street. ARISE USA! We have the power; let’s use it!

The bottom line: One US Citizen = One Vote. Join the #UNRIG Fight to restore this foundational principle in your state.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via his blog, Armageddon Prose.

12-Step Program to #UNRIG and Restore American Election
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