18 States Join Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit

18 States Join Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit 1

Eighteen states, including Arizona, have now joined Texas in a
Supreme Court lawsuit against the states of Wisconsin, Michigan,
Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton filed an amicus brief (amicus
curiae) or ‘friend of the court’ brief was filed with the high
court earlier Wednesday. The states of Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas,
Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana,
Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota,
Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia�have all signed on to the brief
that backs the Texas suit.

Arizona was the latest state to file an amicus brief on
Wednesday bringing the total to 18 states.

The Texas Lawsuit Is On The Docket – The Supreme Court Will
Determine The Fate Of The 2020 Election

Just as predicted before the election even occurred, it would be
contested and handled by the Supreme Court. The following article
was written back in September:

More Preplanned Election Chaos: Trump Says The Supreme Court Will
“Sort Out†The Election

According to the American
Bar Association
, “‘Friend of the court’ or amicus curiae
briefs are often filed in appellate cases heard by the U.S. Supreme
Court and state supreme courts, as well as intermediate courts of
appeal. And there is considerable evidence that amicus briefs have
influence.†On Tuesday evening, the Supreme Court ordered
the defendant states to reply by 3 p.m. on Thursday, December

“It’s not unusual,â€
SMU Constitutional Law Professor Dale Carpenter told CBS 11.

“I don’t think it indicates anything very important… I think
the court will act quickly on Thursday.†Carpenter added: “Ken
Paxton is asking that Republican state legislatures in four states
be allowed to displace the will of the voters in those States and
choose their own slate of electors, presumably to hand the election
to Donald Trump in January. The Supreme Court is not going to allow
that to happen.â€

We will see.


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18 States Join Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit
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