76% Of San Francisco Voters Want More Cops As Crime, Appalling Street Conditions Get “More Brazen”

76% Of San Francisco Voters Want More Cops As Crime,
Appalling Street Conditions Get "More Brazen" 1

A recent poll conducted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce found that 76% of residents want more police in high-crime neighborhoods, at a moment people are fleeing the liberal, extremely high cost of living west coast city in droves, heading for places like Austin in Texas.

A seemingly endless amount of public funds have also been poured into “solving” the homelessness problem that has (along with sky high taxes) been plaguing San Francisco, adding to residents’ desire to get out of the city.

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Fox writes of the survey among 520 registered voters who reside in the city that “Roughly 80% of those polled said addressing homelessness is a top priority. About 76% of those polled want more cops in high-crime neighborhoods, the report said.”

And here’s some key conclusions from the new poll, according to one local prominent online magazine:

Well, somewhere around 40 or 50 percent of people living here — people living here who respond to polls, that is — say they plan to leave in the next few years. And many of these people have told pollsters that the city’s biggest problems these days are crime, homelessness, and “street behavior.”

76% Of San Francisco Voters Want More Cops As Crime,
Appalling Street Conditions Get "More Brazen" 2
San Francisco “Poop Patrol” via AP

Rapidly deteriorating “street conditions” – which includes everything from feces all over public sidewalks, to needles littering community areas, to vagrancy, theft, and the ever present threat of harassment – are further leading respondents to answer in the following ways, as detailed by SFist

  • This year’s poll, like last year’s, found 70% city residents saying that quality of life in the city has declined. 80% of residents polled said that addressing homelessness needs to be a high priority for the city, and 88% said that the problem had gotten worse in the past few years.
  • 71% also said that “street behavior” has gotten worse. And 80% of San Franciscans support expanding conservatorship laws and making it easier to forcibly commit the mentally ill for treatment.
  • Also, 76% of San Franciscans said that it should be a high priority for the city to increase the number of police officers in high-crime neighborhoods, and 60% supported prioritizing funding for police academy classes and recruiting new officers.

This also as The San Francisco Chronicle has noted that “tourists are back” after a long COVID lockdown in much of the city, but this has translated to thefts becoming “more brazen”.

City data shows a whopping 753% jump in car break-ins for May 2021 when compared to figures from May 2020. This might account for the surprising rise of a “bring back the police” mentality in one of America’s most progressive cities.

…Though we doubt that those polled would actually admit to “wanting more police” publicly, or in front of their friends and neighbors.

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