86% Of Trump Voters Say Biden 'Did Not Legitimately Win' Election

86% Of Trump Voters Say Biden 'Did Not Legitimately Win'
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The vast majority of Trump voters think that Joe Biden’s predicted election win was illegitimate, and that we’ll never know the true outcome.

According to the latest YouGov/The Economist poll, 86% of Trump voters say Biden “did not legitimately win the election,” while 73% say that we’ll “never know the real outcome of this election.”

The poll also reveals that a majority of voters (53%) thought that President Trump would win vs. Biden (47%), according to Economist data journalist, G. Elliott Morris.

Meanwhile, 88% of Trump voters say they believe that “illegal immigrants voted fraudulently in 2016 and tried again in 2020,” while 90% believed that “mail ballots are being manipulated to favor Joe Biden.

Morris adds that 46% of Republicans think “some people are not smart enough to vote” (vs. 27% of Dems), and 43% of Republicans also think that people should have to pass a test before voting (vs. 15% of Dems). 

89% of Republicans also think Trump should contest the outcome of the election in court, while 62% of his voters think it will change the outcome.

Less than half of those polled believe there will be a peaceful transition of power in the event Biden is sworn in.

It should be noted that this YouGov/Economist poll is in stark contrast to a recent Reuters poll, which found that 40% of Republicans say Trump won. Perhaps the difference lies in the distinction between YouGov’s sampling of “Trump voters” vs. “Republicans” – which would ostensibly include so-called ‘never-Trumpers.’

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