After Ignoring 2020 US Election Irregularities, Biden Calls Out Putin for Scam Election

After Ignoring 2020 US Election Irregularities, Biden Calls
Out Putin for Scam Election 1

The U. S. government has come out against election fraud.

Monday it issued a statement critical of “extremist organizations,” “foreign agents,” and others preventing people “from exercising their civil and political rights” in voting.

What’s this?

Finally, the U. S. government is reviewing what went on in Maricopa County, Arizona, last November, or in Fulton County, Georgia, right?

Um, no.


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The United States State Department has issued a solemn condemnation of what took place in September 17-19 elections in the Russian Federation.

That’s right: Russia.

Given the shadowy electoral background behind how the Biden administration ended up taking power, it’s a bit cheeky to blast Russia.

Without voting irregularities, critics say the United Russia party could not have had enough votes to keep hold of its supermajority in the parliament, according to the AP.

Is the Biden administration hypocritical in criticizing the Russian election?

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The Kremlin controls the United Russia party. Since President Vladimir Putin’s term expires in 2024, retaining the supermajority is important.

In the election, more than two-thirds of the 450-seat lower house of parliament went to United Russia, Reuters said.

Putin’s people referred to their opposition as “extremists,” censored them, and in June effectively outlawed them, according to The Postmillenial and the AP —  actions U. S. Democrats and their Big Tech allies can only dream of.  So far.


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Among election irregularities AP reported were:

Surveillance video showing a hand stuffing a ballot box.

Video purporting to show, amidst giggling, two women pulling ballots out of the clothes of one of them and putting the papers in a ballot box.

Photos of folded piles of ballots obviously put in ballot boxes in one piece.

Surveillance videos of people trying to put multiple ballots into boxes.

Scuffles at polling stations.

Also, police were seen keeping poll challengers out of a vote-counting room. No, wait – that was last November in Detroit. Sorry, it all runs together.

It makes it somewhat unseemly for the Biden Administration State Department to condemn proceedings of the Russian election.

“The September 17-19 Duma elections in the Russian Federation took place under conditions not conducive to free and fair proceedings,” intoned a State Department news release. “ The Russian government’s use of laws on ‘extremist organizations,’ ‘foreign agents,’ and ‘undesirable organizations’ severely restricted political pluralism and prevented the Russian people from exercising their civil and political rights.

“Russian government restrictions, which were preceded by widespread efforts to marginalize independent political figures, also prevented the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and its Parliamentary Assembly from observing the elections, constricting transparency that is essential to fair elections,” according to the release issued under the name of State Department spokesperson Ned Price.

“Transparency that is essential to fair elections,” the Biden administration says.

That’s the whole issue surrounding last November’s U. S. presidential election. Some say Trump won; others say Biden won. Either way, the election was less than transparent. And without transparency, what confidence in our elections do we have?

Incidentally, despite all the gaslighting by the establishment media, you’re not a conspiracy theorist if you still have doubts: Few people are aware that more than a fourth of Congress — 147 members — voted against certifying all the states’ election results from last November.

So, the Biden administration can huff and puff at the Russians all they want, but not facing what happened here last November reeks of high hypocrisy.


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