Agent coercing USPS ballot fraud whistleblower is an anti-Trump homosexual

Agent coercing USPS ballot fraud whistleblower is an
anti-Trump homosexual 1

(Natural News) Mainstream media claimed that a whistleblower in the United States Postal Service (USPS) who revealed ballot fraud recanted his original testimony. A subsequently released audio recording of the whistleblower’s interrogation appears to demonstrate psychological manipulation by the government interrogator, who is a homosexual anti-Trump campaigner.

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Richard Hopkins, a USPS worker who gave sworn testimony of having overheard evidence of back-dating late mail-in ballots, was questioned for four hours by Agent Russell Strasser from the Office of the Inspector General, after Hopkins had first revealed the fraud to Project Veritas.

Afterwards, the U.S. House Oversight Committee claimed that Hopkins had recanted his testimony of fraud, calling his previous sworn affidavit a “false affidavit.” The sources for this information were “IG [Inspector General] investigators.”

Mainstream media swiftly ran with the story that Hopkins had lied about evidence of voter fraud, but in a video response, Hopkins confirmed that he had not recanted his statements of ballot tampering and called instead for the Washington Post to recant its story.

Now, further details have emerged about Strasser, which shed new light upon his supposed status as an impartial investigator.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, posted a screenshot of a Twitter account run by Russell Strasser, which O’Keefe described as “an Anti-Trump burner account,” under the screen name “Jeff Streeter.”

One of the messages pictured read, “How are Trump’s taxes like a single file of Tuskan Raiders? They’re both attempts to hide their numbers.”

Another stated, “For your plans tonight — DO NOT WATCH TRUMP’S TOWNHALL! Not even for the schadenfreude. All he cares about is ratings. Don’t give them to him.”

In one post, the account stated, “Stop being self-entitled. Wear a mask.” Interestingly, in the two hour long audio recording of the interrogation, Strasser said very early on that he didn’t wish to wear a mask in the interview, but will put one on to walk out of the room “just so they don’t get mad at you.”

The Twitter account was taken down less than 24 hours after O’Keefe highlighted its existence and relation to Strasser.

A Twitter user commenting on the audio recording of Hopkins’ questioning described Strasser as “pretty good at what he does. He really knows how to build up that Stockholm syndrome in his captive, I mean, witness. He really was smooth.”

Another noted, “This is amazing. Literally can’t make it up. I listened to the 2 hour [sic] unedited. Nice how he appealed to Alex’s sense of duty & country during the interview. Meanwhile, this guy lays out the whole postal scam in his Twitter account and praises Stacey Abrams.”

Meanwhile, a lawyer who had examined the audio recording of the interview gave an extensive report and deduced, “The interview wasn’t conducted as a legit search for facts & truth. It was conducted from the beginning from the conclusion that Hopkins was wrong & the agents’ job was to figure out if he was lying or mistaken.”

The report continued, “Strasser bullied Hopkins here, but he did it subtly; by the end Hopkins thought Strasser was his friend, even though he’d talked Hopkins into disavowing an affidavit containing facts that Hopkins never substantively repudiated.”

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