Election Fraud

'Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud problem'

'Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud
problem' 1

A 2020 presidential ballot featuring President Donald J. Trump
against Joe Biden (Photo by Joe Kovacs)

A poll by McLaughlin & Associates found that while an
expected 74% of self-identified conservative voters believe there
was fraud in the 2020 presidential election, half of the nation’s
Hispanics, 59% of married couples, 40% of urban residents and 38%
of women also believe that.

Overall, 46% of voters believe there was fraud, “reported
Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets” column for the Washington

“That surprised the pollsters, especially since they also
reported that more in the survey voted for Joe Biden over Trump,”
Bedard wrote.

The McLaughlin report said: “Among American voters the majority
is not convinced that voter fraud did not occur in their
presidential election. It is important to note that the poll model
reflects the national popular vote of 51% Biden, 47% Trump.”

Bedard said that for the second day in a row, a new voter survey
“has found support for President Trump’s vow to fight on with his
challenge to the election, with more believing that it was plagued
with fraud.”

The McLaughlin poll found those who believe there was fraud
include: 43% of residents of the East, 48% of the Midwest, 49% of
the South and 43% of the West. Also 75% of Republicans, 22% of
Democrats, 41% of independents, 29% of liberals, 30% of moderates
and 74% of conservatives.

It was 53% of whites, 12% of African-Americans and 50% of
Hispanics. Also 43% of those under 55 and 50% of those over 55.

While there have been 1,000 sworn statements from witnesses to
election fraud, video evidence of secret ballot stuffing, analysts
concluding the election result was statistically near impossible
and more, the media has dismissed all such information as

President Trump has refused to concede despite getting no
traction with court challenges.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Wednesday, however, rebutted the claim
that courts “have rule” on the claims, pointing out the vast
majority of cases have been thrown out on procedural issues such as
standing and not on the merits.

Bedard said the courts have been rejecting fraud claims “despite
evidence of dead people and illegal immigrants voting.”

There are several cases still pending in a number of courts.
Most have alleged that the vote was contaminated because officials
counted votes that were cast illegally through processes or in time
frames not allowed by state law.

That happened because many state officials instructed elections
officials to ignore certain statutory requirements for voting
because of COVID-19.

Many changes were not authorized by state legislatures as
required constitutionally.


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‘Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud problem’

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Election Fraud
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