Arizona Attorney General Brnovich: “States Must Take Steps To Secure Our Elections”

Arizona Attorney General Brnovich: “States Must Take Steps
To Secure Our Elections” 1

Attorney General Mark Brnovich

The Arizona Senate has issued two new legislative subpoenas ordering Maricopa County and Dominion to deliver more materials and information, including the routers, passwords, and Splunk logs.

BREAKING: Arizona Senate Issues Two NEW Subpoenas Maricopa County Officials for Routers, Passwords, Splunk Logs, MORE

It is clear based on their response, that the County and Dominion have no interest in cooperating.

What could they possibly be hiding?

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Today and yesterday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich weighed in on election integrity efforts by state legislatures.

In a Fox News interview, Brnovich told Harris Faulkner:

States are entitled to do things in a prophylactic or proactive way, you don’t have to wait to a crime is committed to pass a law prohibiting it, and it’s likewise, you don’t have to have some sort of huge fraud in order to pass measures to ensure confidence in the results because we want to make sure that there is integrity in the process, but we also want people to have confidence in results, and so on issues like ballot harvesting, for example, there was a North Carolina congressional seat which was vacant for nearly a year, we know there’s been places, other places and in the past were ballot harvesting has been used by candidates to manipulate election results. And the reality is we pointed this out in the argument, no less than Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter in 2005 by partisan Commission said that having third parties handle your ballots is one of the greatest threats to election integrity, and he recommended restrictions, limitations on who can handle ballots. So this used to not be a partisan issue. but right now, every time the far left disagrees with something, they cry racism, and I think that undermines when we see true racism out there. I think that undermines it by saying that all the time.

These are sweet words but we need action out of Attorney General Brnovich. Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend told the Gateway pundit that she demands an investigation from his office.

Townsend: I stand by my call to Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate all aspects of the irregularities found in the audit. Issues have been found that require further investigation from his office and I look forward to him taking a serious look, and if criminal activity is found, hold those accountable who are responsible for it.

Mark Brnovich is running for U.S. Senate in Arizona so one would think that he would fight for our right to vote. Unless of course, he will benefit from a stolen election.

If the Supervisors and Dominion do not comply, Brnovich needs to take action. 

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