Arizona Audit: Boxes Rechecked at Center – Spreadsheets Undergo Review – Tabulators Moved Onto Floor

Arizona Audit: Boxes Rechecked at Center – Spreadsheets
Undergo Review – Tabulators Moved Onto Floor 1

The Arizona Audit continues with quality control checks, recounting boxes, and reviewing the re-count spreadsheets.

The team will evacuate Veterans Memorial Coliseum tomorrow.

Tabulation machineswere also moved into the far corral seen above, from the designated storage area seen on camera 1 at

Camera two is the only camera streaming now.

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Pallets of completed boxes have been moved to one side of the stadium and are organized in numerical order. The pallets have also been organized in the same sequence  as they were delivered, with the same boxes.  All ballots have an accurate chain of custody.

AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward retweeted an update from @Jellen805

The completed corral is open for recounting boxes and the previously empty corral is now full of tabulation machines.

Volunteers are recounting boxes with an observer in order to guarantee 100% accuracy and a flawless process. There absolutely will be a legal fight when the results come out. 

AZ AUDIT – Spox Randy Pullen: “The Report is Going to Come Out and There’s No Doubt that it Will Be Challenged”

On one side of the coliseum, more volunteers were trained to review recount spreadsheets.

They are doing these extra checks to ensure that data entry was accurate and corresponds to tally sheets.

Karen Fann insists that they are not in a rush to release any information. The full forensic audit is about accuracy. 

Christina Bobb said that it would be easy for them to deliver a report that says the election was accurate, but ‘not accurate’ is a harder statement. She does hope to see something from the Senate early this week.

Audit Counts Will NOT Be Released Today – Auditors TRIPLE Check Evidence – Coliseum to Be Cleared by Wednesday — OAN REPORT (VIDEO)

Spokesperson Randy Pullen told TGP’s Jordan Conradson that they should be finished today after they complete their spot checks and data reconciliation. 

These results will not be easy to present to the public because we all know this was NOT a secure election.

As the Senate finishes passing the budget and new election integrity bills, we hope to hear a statement from the Arizona Senate in the near future. 

If you want to see this process in your home state, contact your legislators NOW!

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