ARIZONA AUDIT: Finchem Says DOJ’s Threats Add ‘More Steel To The Spine’, They’re Not ‘Backing Down One Inch’

ARIZONA AUDIT: Finchem Says DOJ’s Threats Add ‘More Steel To
The Spine’, They’re Not ‘Backing Down One Inch’ 1

Arizona House Rep. Mark Finchem, who is now running for Secretary of State of Arizona, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast go give his thoughts on the latest threats from the Biden administration’s Department of Justice, led by Merrick Garland.

“About a month ago the DOJ sent a letter basically threatening the state of Arizona, the legislature, to shut this down. ‘If you do certain things, we’re going to come in’. And the response to that was, thank you but no,” explained Garland. “They’ve done it again, now this time guidance, through a press conference, I fully expect to see a letter sent by the DOJ to the Arizona Senate.”

Finchem added, “Every time they do something like this, it provides more steel to the spine. I do not see us backing down to the least. This is a methodical forensic audit, and in order to do it properly, all aspects need to be examined, period. I do not see us backing down one inch.”

This week, Garland appeared in a press conference and promised that the Department of Justice would involve itself in the state-level recount effort as more states send delegates to Arizona to examine the process and develop plans to replicate it in their own states. This led multiple Arizona legislators to publicly slam the Biden administration’s Department of Justice for their attempts to meddle in a state’s election, ostensibly to protect Joe Biden’s win in the state.

“These guys are a clown show,” Finchem wrote last night. “They want to intrude in an area that is exclusively state’s jurisdiction to manage” but “They couldn’t be bothered when we called on them for action before the audit.” Finchem added, “Maybe AG Garland would like to engage in the prosecutions that should arise from quite possibly the biggest racketeering case in American history?”

Finchem added, “The Attorney General of the United States issued a not so veiled threat to States, who have jurisdiction over elections which he does not, engaged in validation of an election. Audits designed to prove or disprove election fraud,” Finchem added. “Where was the DOJ when states produced proof of extinguished voting rights through legitimate ballot nulification? Where was the DOJ when we reported foreign electronic intervention, again with proof? This latest statement from an abjectly corrupt ‘justice’ organization is to be expected.”

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