Arizona Audit Firm Says Maricopa County Didn’t Give Them Key Information Until Day Before Hearing

Arizona Audit Firm Says Maricopa County Didn’t Give Them Key
Information Until Day Before Hearing 1

Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, one of the firms conducting the Arizona Audit, revealed at today’s hearing that his firm was not given key information from Maricopa County until the day before the hearing, making it impossible for the group to verify the accuracy of Maricopa County’s claims.

“We finally heard back from Maricopa County,” said Cyber Ninjas’ Doug Logan, who said that the auditors “asked them about this discrepancy, I think at least a week ago.” He added, “The day before we present our results, they decide to tell us that those were actually for the protected voters” who need to have their addresses concealed.

According to Maricopa County, a small subsection of the total presentation from Cyber Ninjas included “protected voters,” which includes judges, battered women, and people concerned about having their addresses made public. Logan apparently requested clarification as recently as a week prior to the hearing, but was not given a timely response.

“I can’t validate whether that’s accurate or not accurate, this is information that we just, just received. What I can say is that this sort of stuff is exactly why, with audits, usually the organization you’re in the process of auditing cooperates and works with you. This would have been extremely helpful,” Logan explained.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors was shaken earlier this week, when it was revealed via leaked audio published by The Gateway Pundit that Supervisor Steve Chucri believed that “multifaceted” voter fraud happened in the 2020 election as early as this year, and held this belief as recently as January of this year.

In another leaked recording, Chucri admits that the county’s own audit was “sh*t” and suggested that his colleagues opposed an audit of the election due to fears their own election results would be questioned.

Chucri announced his resignation shortly after the clips were published, and issued a statement still defending the integrity of the 2020 election, despite his previous claims.

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