Arizona Audit: Volunteers Begin Machine Recount (VIDEO)

Arizona Audit: Volunteers Begin Machine Recount

On Wednesday, volunteers began using the new ballot machines in another recount for accuracy.

We reported that this new equipment was being calibrated by audit officials with test ballots and that they would be officially counting today.

Arizona Audit Update: New Machines In Use With New Equipment

This new process is beginning today with auditors performing more test counts and they are expected to start counting real ballots.

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They are taking as much time as needed to perform the necessary accuracy tests.

Auditors can be seen in the video below aligning stacks of ballots in the paper jogger then counting them TWICE with the paper counting machine.

A stack of ballots is moved onto the machine diagonally, counted, then rotated 90 degrees to recount on the other corner.

Two machines are operating and we have been told that these machines can count 600 ballots at a time without error.

This process does not tally votes. It only counts the number of ballots.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the ballot totals do not match and we are expecting more findings by tomorrow.

ARIZONA AUDIT: Discrepancies Found – Ballot Totals Do Not Match – More Results Expected WITHIN 48 HOURS

This additional count will provide concrete evidence of a certified fraudulent election.

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