Arizona Auditors Have Finished Counting Ballots In Maricopa County, Audit Findings Will Now Be Analyzed

Arizona Auditors Have Finished Counting Ballots In Maricopa
County, Audit Findings Will Now Be Analyzed 1

A third count of ballots has been completed in Maricopa County, Arizona, as auditors remained diligent in their work despite the censorship of the audit by Big Tech giants on social media. The third count of ballots was required because the findings in the first count did not match the numbers reported in the 2020 election by Arizona officials.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann reportedly told the Epoch Times, “The physical tabulation of the ballots are complete and are being returned to Maricopa County tomorrow.” After completion of the physical tabulation, the cumulative data found in the audit will now be analyzed in data analysis labs.

The first count of nearly 2.1 million ballots took place last month. As National File previously reported, auditing firm Cyber Ninjas presented evidence on July 15 that a significant number of ballots from the 2020 election in Maricopa County did not have verifiable serial numbers, raising questions about the integrity of the 2020 election:

Serial numbers should really be unique,” Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan stated during Thursday’s hearing, accompanied by a slide showcasing evidence of ballots with multiple serial numbers. “There should be one original ballot with a serial number, and one ballot, which is the duplicate of it, with the same serial number. When you look at this chart the first column is the box ID, that’s the box it came out. Then you look at the next column and that’s what the type is – DUP means it’s a duplicate, DSD means it is actually the original ballot. And you’ll notice that the last column is a serial number, but they’re in groups of three, which shouldn’t really happen.”

Logan continued, “And so, we have a whole bunch of ballots that also don’t have any serial numbers on them, so it’s quite possible that for the second one with the same serial number, there’s another one that matches up with it that literally doesn’t have a serial number on it, but it creates a lot of time and difficulty in resolving these issues when it was not done in a manner where it’s easy to match up and really, according to my understanding of what statute is, and what statute states.”

Twitter suspended the accounts of Audit War Room and Maricopa County Audit shortly before the physical tabulation was expected to be completed.

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