Arizona election chief claimed Trump on side of 'Nazis'

Arizona election chief claimed Trump on side of
'Nazis' 1

The secretary of state overseeing the presidential vote count in
Arizona said last summer that President Trump was “on the side of
the freaking Nazis.”

Kathy Hobbs also has described what happens at Trump rallies as
“deplorable” and called for “stopping the Trump agenda,”
the Washington Examiner reported

Hobbs’ Nazi tweet was a response to then-Republican Sen. Jeff
Flake condemning white supremacists at the 2017 rally in
Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump also repeatedly has condemned white supremacists.

Regardless, Hobbs reprised her Nazi attack a few days later.

Hobbs, in elected office in Arizona since 2010, became secretary
of state in 2018.

The Examiner pointed out she’s not the only Democratic secretary
of state overseeing a key Electoral College contest who has
bad-mouthed the president on Twitter.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar predicted a Trump
victory would “significantly weaken the U.S., driving us into a
lengthy recession.”

In a 2017 tweet, she asserted that “using the title ‘President’
before the word ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the

Hobbs also has used her official state Twitter account to
criticize President Trump.

The President is on the side
of the freaking Nazis. Don’t just say stuff – DO SOMETHING!!!

— Katie Hobbs (@katiehobbs) August
12, 2017


.@realDonaldTrump has made
it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his
neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.

— Katie Hobbs (@katiehobbs) August
15, 2017


Thank you voters of Alabama –
we’re one seat closer to stopping the Trump agenda. We just saw
what happens when we fight in every zip code, in every state. Let’s
make it happen in Arizona in 2018!!

— Katie Hobbs (@katiehobbs) December
13, 2017

The Arizona Republic reported
the president has been gaining
ground on Joe Biden as the votes are being tabulated.

The president picked up 1,193 votes in a recent update, leaving
the Democrat with a lead of a little over 11,000 votes.


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Arizona election chief claimed Trump on side of ‘Nazis’

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