Arizona Farmer Running for AG Warns Border Crisis at “Tipping Point”

Arizona Farmer Running for AG Warns Border Crisis at
“Tipping Point” 1

A farmer and lawyer from Arizona says open borders policies forcing her state to the “tipping point” spurred her to run for attorney general.

Tiffany Shed, whose family has owned a farm in Pinal County for four generations, expressed deep concern over various threats posed to Arizona and the country as a whole due to rampant illegal migration and drug trafficking into the United States.

Shed says Arizonans have faced a border crisis for more than 15 years, which has reached catastrophic levels under the Biden regime.

“We’re seeing more military-age males. We are seeing people with camo,” Shed told Fox News during an interview on Tuesday. “It’s untenable what’s coming across. It’s fentanyl. It’s sexual assault. It’s children being abused that are coming across. And the thing people don’t realize is we are at a tipping point in southern Arizona, but it’s not going to stop there.”

“You have to go through my farm on one of the most dangerous trafficking routes… it goes right through my farm. And then it gets to I-10 and I-8 and can be dispersed across the country — everything from humans to fentanyl. And this open border policy that we have now that Biden is in the White House is literally fueling the cartels’ business model.”

Shed says she came to the realization her teenage daughter has never known a life without family concerns about illegal aliens or foreign criminals entering their farmlands.

“We feel angry and we feel frustrated,” Shed explained. “It’s been super hard to raise our children with a protocol that, ‘If your dad or I go to see who’s in the barn or who’s in the field, and it goes bad, don’t come out to help mom or dad, but literally call 911, and if somebody tries to come in the house, shoot them.’”

“No one should have to raise their children like that, and our family is not the only one. This is in communities in southern Arizona.”

Border Patrol Sectors covering Arizona have become some of the busiest along the southern frontier.

More than 56,460 illegal aliens were encountered by border authorities in Tucson Sector during the first three months of Fiscal Year 2022.

Meanwhile, more than 74,000 encounters were recorded in Yuma Sector during the same period — a stunning increase of nearly 2,400% over the previous year.

Freedom Convoys in Canada, Australia, Europe, U.S. are exposing the collapse of the global establishment.

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