ARIZONA: GOP Chair Kelli Ward Says ‘Any Republican Unwilling To Fight’ For Trump ‘Doesn’t Deserve Support’

ARIZONA: GOP Chair Kelli Ward Says ‘Any Republican Unwilling
To Fight’ For Trump ‘Doesn’t Deserve Support’ 1

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward has said that any Republican who is “unwilling to fight” for President Trump “doesn’t deserve the support of the party base.”

“The time to fight for Republicans is right and right NOW,” Ward tweeted on Saturday. “Any Republican worth support will prove it by showing that they understand that a loss for [President Trump] means this nation may never have free and fair elections again.”

“If you don’t fight now, you won’t fight to clean up this mess later. It just won’t happen,” Ward continued. “Any Republican unwilling to fight with everything they have despite the ‘costs,’ doesn’t deserve [the] support of the party base.”

Ward has been extremely vocal in recent days over supposed “Republicans” who are not doing their utmost to support the President and ensure the integrity of this election – in her own state of Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey bragged about the supposed security of their election system, despite multiple allegations of serious and widespread election fraud.

Ward took Ducey to task on Twitter, telling him to “shut the hell up,” and argued that all the evidence shows that election integrity is “missing in Arizona. Period.” Ducey, a Republican more in the brand of the late Senator John McCain, later told media that the feeling was “mutual.”

Just before Ward’s comments on Twitter, President Trump also slammed Governor Ducey, along with Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp. “Between [Ducey and Kemp], the Democrat Party could not be happier. They fight harder against us than do the Radical Left Dems,” the President tweeted. “If they were with us, we would have already won both Arizona and Georgia.”

“We received more LEGAL votes by far,” the President added. “All I can do is run, campaign, and be a good (great!) President – it is 100% up to the states to manage the election. Republicans will NEVER forget this.” The President’s comments come just before he travels to Georgia to campaign for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who have recently under fire for not enthusiastically backing the President.

On Friday night, Representative Paul Gosar, a strong supporter of President Trump, even endorsed a recall petition for Ducey, making him the first elected Republican to do so.

Rusty Bowers, the Arizona House Speaker, has also come under severe scrutiny. Bowers, along with other top legislators in the Arizona Legislature, endorsed the call for an audit of the Dominion Voting Systems used in Maricopa County, but has stayed silent on the issue of a full legislative hearing with subpoena powers to fully investigate the election which Ward has called for. “Do your job legislature,” Ward tweeted.

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