ARIZONA: Maricopa Audit Reveals Thousands of Discrepancies with Ballot Forms, Serious Integrity Issues

ARIZONA: Maricopa Audit Reveals Thousands of Discrepancies
with Ballot Forms, Serious Integrity Issues 1

The forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County has revealed thousands of discrepancies and issues with EV32 and EV33 ballot forms, along with a number of other serious election integrity problems.

Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the firm who led the forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results, revealed serious problems with the ballot forms, votes, and others,  and as pro-Trump State Senator Wendy Rogers noted, the number of errors discovered is “way more than 10K votes needed to flip the election.”

Logan first explained that duplicate ballots, which are not the same as duplicated ballot envelopes, were co-mingled with original ballots. Many of these ballots had incorrect and missing serial numbers. However, these were very small numbers, which eventually corrected gave few hundred votes back to Biden, as the mainstream media originally mentioned before the Senate hearing – Logan attributed these to simple human error.

He confirmed that ballot form numbers did not match up. EV32 voting forms, which match with votes sent, did not match the number of EV33 forms, for early votes returned. 9,041 more mail-in voters were shown as being returned than having been sent out with the EV32s. 397 mail-in ballots were never sent, and do not have a corresponding EV32. 255,326 early votes did not have a complimentary EV33.

Many issues were also seen with voters who were registered as having moved. 23,344 voters voted via a mail-in ballot where nobody else of the same name was at the address, eliminating students and other people in similar family situations from the potential mix. Mail-in ballots cannot be forwarded, meaning the only legal way for these Maricopa voters to have received their ballot was to have picked it up in person, something the audit team considered unlikely. 2,081 voters even moved out of state and received a full ballot, not a “federal only” ballot.

Logan claimed that potentially up to 5,047 individuals voted in more than one county, with voters having the same names and same birth year – 393 voters also had an incomplete name. 198 voters registered after the October 18th cutoff and still voted. Issues were also seen with the voter roll, where there were 2,681 unique AFSEQ numbers, which are supposed to be applied to voters for a singular transaction, being shared between voters. The Maricopa audit team said this suggested an election integrity issue with the ballot data itself. Other claims included 282 potentially dead voters and 186 people with potential duplicate IDs.

Maricopa County attempted to fact check a number of the claims from Logan in a Twitter thread, but severely ignored a significant number of points brought up in the Senate hearing, including: the fact that those who moved out of state should have only received a “federal only” ballot, but received a full ballot; that names that matched up including first, middle and last names; voters with multiple IDs and AFSEQ number problems.

As National File reported, earlier in the presentation, Logan confirmed that Cyber Ninjas was not given key information from Maricopa County until the day before the hearing, making it impossible for the group to verify the accuracy of Maricopa County’s claims:

“We finally heard back from Maricopa County,” said Logan, who said that the auditors “asked them about this discrepancy, I think at least a week ago.” He added, “The day before we present our results, they decide to tell us that those were actually for the protected voters” who need to have their addresses concealed.

According to Maricopa County, a small subsection of the total presentation from Cyber Ninjas included “protected voters,” which includes judges, battered women, and people concerned about having their addresses made public. Logan apparently requested clarification as recently as a week prior to the hearing, but was not given a timely response.

“I can’t validate whether that’s accurate or not accurate, this is information that we just, just received. What I can say is that this sort of stuff is exactly why, with audits, usually the organization you’re in the process of auditing cooperates and works with you. This would have been extremely helpful,” Logan explained.

Logan’s presentation was preceeded by a presentation from Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, who explained that the audit examined the signature area of the ballots, and compared them to the official canvass results that Maricopa County gave in their report. When using signature presence detection analysis, the audit found an excess of 9,589 votes with signatures that were either blank or were “scribbles.” Photos shown in the presentation included totally blank ballots being stamped “approved.”

Senate President Karen Fann has referred the forensic audit’s findings to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and asked him to determine whether his office should continue investigation into the potential legal issues raised by the audit.

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