Arizona priest torches Biden, his voters, Catholic bishops

Arizona priest torches Biden, his voters, Catholic
bishops 1

(NEW AMERICAN) – Many in recent times have lamented the state of American Christianity, pointing out that nowadays a great many churches prioritize wokeness over holiness. But there’s no such issue in St. Henry’s Parish in Buckeye, Arizona – at least not when Father William Kosko is giving the sermon.

He proved this not long ago, delivering a homily in which he excoriated Joe Biden for embracing anti-Christian views, the voters who enable him, and the bishops whose ignorance and “cowardice” allowed this situation to develop. He also said that he was “tempted to ask” pro-prenatal-infanticide Catholics to leave his parish, but wouldn’t because it might jeopardize their salvation.

Kosko bluntly stated in his sermon, posted in synopsized “highlight” form on YouTube Tuesday by the group Catholic Vote, that we’ve “just elected a Catholic president who is diametrically opposed to all of the basic moral principles proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church; not only abortion and the sanctity of human life, but the sanctity of marriage and this gender silliness.”

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