Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Michelle Ugenti-Rita Kills Crucial Bill to Protect Election Integrity

Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Michelle Ugenti-Rita
Kills Crucial Bill to Protect Election Integrity 1

Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-Scottsdale) recently killed a crucial bill to protect election integrity, one of her colleagues has reported.

State senator Kelly Townsend (R–Mesa) reported that Ugenti-Rita killed Senate Bill 1241 (SB1241), which she described as having “over 34 serious election integrity provisions.” Townsend said Ugenti-Rita killed the bill due to pettiness as “she was mad that I didn’t get her permission to run them.”

Townsend’s social media post can be seen here:

Additionally, Townsend noted Ugenti-Rita’s refusal to bring up SB1241 in the Government Committee, and then used the fact that the bill did not receive a hearing as an excuse to vote it down.

“I think that’s a pretty substandard approach,” Townsend said, adding that her bills “never had a chance.”

“This chairwoman is denying the people of Arizona confidence and election security,” she added. “That’s unacceptable.”

Ugenti-Rita is hoping to become the next secretary of state in Arizona, but this incredibly petty behavior in state senate leadership shows she is completely unqualified for the job.

Big League Politics has reported on state representative Mark Finchem’s run for secretary of state as a leader of the forensic audit effort:

Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where the constitutionally-minded state representative explained the problems with the lack of transparency in the voting process of his home state.

“If the citizens are denied the opportunity to scrutinize an election that they believe may be, shall we say, questionable, I think that that’s where we lose a certain power by the people in the democratic process of selecting our elected officials,” Finchem said.

“I mean, after all, we were built on the consent of the governed, that whole idea, and there’s a lot of people who have given up a lot of blood, a lot of treasure, a lot of lives to see to it that that single change…in the way people are government has endured for over 250 years. I don’t want to see an end to it,” he added.

Finchem believes that the American dream is still worth fighting for, and that is why he has refused to budge an inch in the crusade for electoral transparency. He is running for secretary of state on a platform of stopping voter fraud.

“As flawed as it might be, I think that we still are the freest form of government and we need to return back to that freedom, and the only way we can do that is to ensure that our elections are transparent, to ensure that our vote that is cast is not somehow nullified by illegal vote…and the only way we can do that is through scrutiny,” he said.

“It seems very odd to me that the Democrats don’t want to embrace the idea of scrutiny and embrace the idea of an audit because that would be their grand opportunity for them to say, on Joe Biden’s part, ‘Hey Donald, I beat you fair and square. Get over it.’ But that’s not what’s happening here. They’re doing everything they can to obfuscate, to put up roadblocks, to put up nail strips to slow the process down, to make the process go away,” Finchem added.”

Finchem is the legitimate grassroots candidate for secretary of state while Ugenti-Rita is the choice of the RINOs. Arizona voters better choose widely if they do not want a repeat of the disaster that was the 2020 presidential election.

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