Arizona Secretary of State vetoes Senate President’s request for “independent analysis”

Arizona Secretary of State vetoes Senate President’s request
for “independent analysis” 1

PHOENIX, AZ – It was a move readily perceived to block the Trump administration’s ability to challenge voter fraud allegations.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, threw down the gauntlet against State Senate President Karen Fann (R-District 1), rejecting Fann’s request for “independent analysis” of voting factors.

Seems Katie Hobbs has a real problem with Trump and his supporters – more on that in a bit.

Senate President Karen Fann sent a letter to Secretary Hobbs requesting the “independent analysis” on Monday, November 9th:

“[Hoping that it would] ‘help to restore credibility and hopefully end the current controversy over fairness in the election process in Arizona’ given the mounting concerns and suspicions of fraud and abuse.

“I am not claiming fraud was involved in Arizona’s election, but we must do everything we can to satisfy Arizonans that the count was lawfully done.”

Hobbs responded strongly:

“It is patently unreasonable to suggest that, despite there being zero credible evidence of any impropriety or widespread irregularities, election officials nonetheless have a responsibility to prove a negative.

“To be clear, there is no ‘current controversy’ regarding elections in Arizona, outside of theories floated by those seeking to undermine our democratic process for political gain.  [Elected officials should] “work to build, rather than damage, public confidence in our system.”

That response was sent on a personal level, before Hobb’s formal denial of the request:

“I respectfully decline your request to push aside the work that remains to be done to ensure an orderly completion of this election and instead launch and fund with taxpayer dollars a boundless ‘independent’ evaluation of ‘all data related to the tabulation of votes in the 2020 General Election’…”

Hann responded publicly, and with reciprocal forcefulness:

“I am not claiming fraud was involved in Arizona’s election, but we must do everything we can to satisfy Arizonans that the count was lawfully done.”

The state Senate leader has maintained that the request is reasonable, particularly if the allegations are, in fact, baseless as Hobbs assumes.

“If there’s no factual basis on any of these things, then absolutely, let’s put that to rest and show them that’s not true.  If there’s something there that needs to be fixed, let’s fix it.”

Although Secretary Hobbs has claimed there was “zero credible evidence of any impropriety or widespread irregularities,” several lawsuits have been filed in Arizona by the Trump campaign and have been outlined by Breitbart:

“The lawsuit details cases in Maricopa County, Arizona, where eligible voters showed up on election day to cast their vote and subsequently had their ballot rejected. In one case, Mia Barcello said she marked her ballot at an Anthem, Arizona, polling site with an ink pen that permeated through the ballot.

When the ballot was fed through a tabulation device, it was rejected, according to the lawsuit. Barcello said she was told to press a ‘green button labeled Cast’ on the device but was not told that doing so ‘likely would cause her selections in all candidate races or ballot proposition affected by the putative overvote or other defect or irregularity to be automatically disqualified and not tabulated’…”

Wolf Blitzer of CNN interviewed Secretary Hobbs on November 4th.  He brought up challenges and claims from Republicans about voters having their votes disqualified after using a Sharpie pen on the ballot envelope.

Blitzer:   “Have you heard of that? Is there any truth to that claim?”

Hobbs:  “Yes, I’ve been talking about markers all day today.  Certainly, I want to validate voters who have concerns about their ballots being counted.

There is no concern about ballots being counted because of the pen that was used to mark the ballots.

All of those ballots are being counted and even if the machines can’t read them for some reason, a marker bled through to the other side, we have ways to count them.

They are going to be counted. There is absolutely no merit to saying that this was some conspiracy to invalidate Republican ballots. There is no there there at all.”

Hobbs posted several Tweets on the matter:

“If you voted a regular ballot in-person, your ballot will be counted, no matter what kind of pen you used (even a Sharpie)! Voters who requested a mail-in ballot but then decided to vote in person had their records for the mail ballot marked as “canceled” so that their in-person vote could be counted, once it was confirmed that they did not attempt to vote twice.”

More on Katie Hobbs, and perhaps this will give you more background on why she took the position she did with Senate President Fann’s seemingly normal request.

In a Tweet from August 15, 2017, Hobbs laid things out clearly:

@realDonaldTrump  has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS  for all Americans.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

If you look at Hobbs’ profile, she hails BLM, uses gender preferred pronouns, and her recent activity shows her blasting actual, credible election issues as “conspiracy theories.”

Call it like it is – she thinks Trump supporters are Nazis with tinfoil hats.  


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November 12, 2020

No, Fox News, Joseph R. Biden is not the president-elect. At the moment, he is John Q. Citizen, nothing more.

As this is written, not one of America’s fifty states have certified election results for the presidential election. None. 

To date, six states are in no position to claim they have any idea who won the vote.

Georgia has approved a manual recount, recounts have been requested in Wisconsin, and lawsuits challenging elections in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona have been filed.

Together, those states control 94 electoral votes. That is enough to prevent either candidate from achieving the 270 votes needed for victory.

As it stands right now, Joe Biden has 227 electoral votes and President Trump has 217, with 94 yet to be decided.

That said, none of those votes have been certified, but are for the moment uncontested. It remains possible that President Trump will be re-elected with 311 electoral votes.

In this context, Biden has shown great chutzpah to claim he is the president-elect as he appoints members to his “cabinet.”

Biden has even gone so far as to initiate talks with foreign officials in Australia, Japan, and South Korea. This is the same thing General Michael Flynn, incoming national security advisor, was investigated and ruined for.

The difference is that Flynn represented the incoming Trump administration.

Biden doesn’t represent the government in any official capacity yet, and may never be in that position.

The reason six states haven’t completed their vote counts is that the legitimacy of those counts has been challenged by the Trump administration and members of the public who have witnessed what appear to be blatant election fraud.

The media denies the existence of any evidence that would support claims of fraud. Easy to do when the media censors that evidence from their broadcasts and print articles.

It becomes even easier when social media collaborates by suppressing the sharing of what little information manages to penetrate media blockades.

Twitter and Facebook have censored the President or his campaign 65 times in the last two years. They haven’t censored Biden or his campaign once.

The kind of evidence the media has censored, suppressed, and ignored include the following:

  • Fraudulent voting
  • Tabulation methods consistent with fraud
  • Statistical anomalies
    • Votes exceed number of registered voters, Votes for president only (Biden) and no down-ballot votes, perfect logarithmic progression of Trump vote decline as a district becomes more Republican, and more

The evidence exists. The media lies when they say it doesn’t. They could say, “we disagree with the evidence,” but they don’t.

They say it doesn’t exist. That is a lie.

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is confident that the Trump legal team can prove that election fraud occurred in many cities and states, in numbers sufficient to change results. More than that, he observes that the activity was likely coordinated.

If so, add conspiracy to the list of crimes he seeks to expose.

Attorney General William Barr has urged the DOJ to pursue election fraud complaints. Barr’s action allows the DOJ to proceed in cases previously blocked by Obama-era holdover Richard Pilger, who resigned November 10, after Barr effectively neutered his ability to bottleneck election crime investigations.

Kamala Harris, now lauded as the first black and first south Asian “vice president-elect” by CNN and others, has exercised her capacity for hubris by making a victory speech.

Joe Biden has done the same. 

Democrat Biden supporters claimed victory, went to the streets, marched, and even cried in their enthusiasm. Celebrities and the media were flagrantly aroused by what they claimed to be a “Biden victory.”

Some world leaders, like Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s Boris Johnson, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, and France’s Jean-Michel Macron congratulated Biden.

The fact remains, Biden is not president, nor is he president-elect.

By racing ahead to claim victory prior to certification of state results, Biden and his team have effectively communicated that their belief in victory is justification enough to be handed victory in fact.

By supporting Biden’s position, the media has openly accepted that the certification process is a meaningless nuisance, and that every example of voter fraud and suspicious election activities is meritless.

Biden supporters, wherever they are and whatever their connection to Biden is, whether near or far, have declared that adjudication of legal claims is an unnecessary exercise. They believe they have the power to crown their champion.

In a way, they do.

If Biden is their champion, he is. But he is not the president of the United States until the states certify election results and the electoral college votes, provided they vote in his favor.

At this time, that is not a certainty.

The widespread media-inspired acceptance of a Biden victory is testament to what we all learned throughout our long and murderous summer: the left, Democrats included, have no interest in law and order.

If they believed in law and order, they would not have allowed riots and looting in their name. They would not have backed calls to defund the police.

They would not celebrate when police were murdered, nor when criminals were released en masse by compliant Democrat elected officials.

They would not turn a blind eye to serious allegations of Biden’s misconduct while endlessly harassing president Trump for trying to figure out what happened between Hunter Biden and Ukraine.

They would not celebrate an election “victory” that is no more than a desire born in the nightmare fantasies of empty Socialist promises of utopia.

If the evidence of election fraud presented to various courts in the six remaining states holds up, those courts will have a responsibility to return just decisions. Those decisions, provided they have the courage to follow the law despite the promise of unrest if they do, will likely change the results in Trump’s favor.

If that happens, and there are good reasons to believe it will, President Trump will be re-elected to a second term. Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris will remain the citizens they are now. They will not hold public office until and unless they run again and succeed.

It is amazing that so many people have invested so much in an illusion that can so easily turn to smoke and vanish before their eyes. If it does, and there are many good reasons for believing it will, but definitely that it could, there will be a number of people with egg on their face.

Our president is enough of a diplomat that he may smooth over any discomfort with world leaders by making a joke about it.

But what of the rest? What will happen to them?

There is more to this than the election of a president. If the Trump legal team proves that fraud occurred, people will be arrested and may go to jail.

Would a second term President Trump pursue those who sought to ruin him through fraud, slander, libel, and other criminal acts? There has been no shortage of this throughout his first term but to date little has been done about it.

His second term will be an excellent opportunity to finally clear the dead wood.

I hope he does.


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