Arizona Senate Will Issue Subpoenas to Inspect and Audit Dominion Ballot Counting Machines from Maricopa County

Arizona Senate Will Issue Subpoenas to Inspect and Audit
Dominion Ballot Counting Machines from Maricopa County 1

Michigan Trump supporters are going on the record to make it clear that they did in fact seat an alternative slate of electors earlier today, despite being obstructed by GOP legislative leaders in league with Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

One of the pro-Trump electors, 11th District Republican Party chairwoman Meshawn Maddock, explained the surreal situation in a Facebook post.

“Today the delegation of 16 Michigan Republican Electors convened to cast their ballots for President Trump and send their pledges to Washington!” Maddock announced.

“We sent Republican Electors alongside the Democrat Electors just to be safe despite being blocked from entering the Capitol,” she added.

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She noted that there is a historical precedent for this type of behavior, and the Trump movement is acting within the bounds of the law with these moves.

“Sending more than one slate of electors is not unheard of,” Maddock said. “It’s our duty to the people of Michigan and to the U.S. Constitution to send another slate of electors if the election is in controversy or dispute—and clearly it is.”

Big League Politics reached out to Meshawn’s husband, Matt, a Republican state representative from Milford, who wanted to stress their display was not meant to interrupt anything that happened with the pro-Biden electors.

“These Republican electors for Trump were sent just to be safe,” Maddock said, explaining that the pro-Trump slate of electors will serve as a “life raft” in case ongoing fraud investigations impact the vote results.

The Democrat administration, aided by House and Senate GOP leaders, effectively broke the law by preventing these individuals from delivering their slate of electors to the Senate. They reportedly even sent an army to keep them out.

Big League Politics reported earlier today on how House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, both Republicans, have been enforcing the vote steal on behalf of Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

Michigan Republican Party leaders are standing in the way of principled conservatives in the legislature hoping to seat a slate of pro-Trump electors to combat the vote steal in the state.

State representative Gary Eisen (R-St. Clair) has been yanked from his committee assignments by Republican state house leadership after going public about the plan and saying that violence could come as a result of the fallout from Republican lawmakers doing the right thing.

“No. I don’t know. Because what we’re doing today is uncharted. It hasn’t been done. And it’s not me who’s doing it…it’s the Michigan Republican Party,” Eisen said about the possibility of violence in the Capitol.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarkville) has shut down the Capitol, using COVID-19 and the potential of violence as an excuse. Eisen believes that this is abdicating the duty of the legislature and another example of extreme cowardice by Republican leadership.

“So they’re going to lock us out of our offices, they’re going to lock us out of the Capitol,” Eisen said.

“How convenient is that, when they’re going to sit electors today, so that we can’t support our options. Whether it was true or not, we don’t know,” he added.

House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R-Levering) is receiving the blame from grassroots activists in Michigan who are enraged by this betrayal…

Chatfield’s office has made it abundantly clear that they intend to go along with the vote steal and plan to help Michigan Democrats get away with their illicit electoral heist.

“The speakers position has not changed. Michigan will follow the law and allocate the state’s electors to the candidate who won the most votes,” Chatfield spokesman Giden D’Assandro said.

This entire grueling election fight is exposing the swamp like nothing ever before. President Trump and his supporters are fulfilling the MAGA mandate while pushing to overturn the vote steal.

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