Arizona US Senate Candidate Blake Masters Pledges to Fight Left’s Anarcho-Tyranny in New Ad

Arizona US Senate Candidate Blake Masters Pledges to Fight
Left’s Anarcho-Tyranny in New Ad 1

Arizona US Senate candidate Blake Masters is pledging to fight the imposition of a California-style third world model in his state if elected in a new ad, pointing to the former’s model as the end result of leftist policies.

In the ad, released Monday, Masters- a technology entrepeneur and Peter Thiel associate- walks through one of San Francisco’s infamous homeless encampments. The scene is filled with tents, urban squalor, and blight one would expect in a third-world country, not in America.

This is San Francisco… It’s disgusting.”

Masters draws a direct line between the sad state of affairs in dysfunctional cities such as San Francisco and the policies of corporate Democrat Mark Kelly, warning that Arizona’s will be faced with increasing crime, higher taxes, a shrinking middle class, and lower quality of life if they embrace the California model increasingly encroaching upon the once-red state.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has begun a probe into the Phoenix Police Department for enforcing the city’s laws against a homeless population some have begun to compare to those in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Drug use and crime has increased in the Phoenix metro area, threatening to jeopardize the area’s status as one of America’s most up-and-coming and economically attractive locations.

Kelly is thought to be one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats in 2022, refusing to answer to Arizonans on Biden’s dramatically unpopular ‘America Last’ border and immigration policies. Arizona has become the latest theater for ongoing migrant caravan sieges of the border, with tens of thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants now seeking to enter America at the state’s international border.

Masters is facing Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s attorney general, in what could shape up as the most competitive statewide GOP primary in the state in several years.

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