ARIZONA: Virginia Is Next State to Send Delegates to Maricopa Audit, More States to Come

ARIZONA: Virginia Is Next State to Send Delegates to
Maricopa Audit, More States to Come 1

Virginia will be the next state to send delegates to visit Arizona’s Maricopa County forensic audit of the 2020 election, National File understands.

A number of delegates from various states have visited the forensic audit currently taking place in Maricopa County of the 2020 election results. As National File reported, the states who have sent delegates to visit so far are Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Alaska and Colorado. Many of these delegates included pro-Trump state legislators, who may end up advocating for a forensic audit of the election results in each of their own states.

In a series of tweets, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, a strong ally of President Trump who is currently running to challenge Katie Hobbs for the position of Arizona Secretary of State in the 2022 elections, confirmed that more states will be coming to visit the audit, but until they have arrived, the names of the states will not be released “to prevent harassment.” He added that those legislators who have already arrived thought that the visit to the audit floor was “well worth it”

After spending a portion of time with these legislators, the unanimous sentiment that the trip and time spent was well worth it. Election integrity is a priority in every community across America. Many state delegates have shown interest in the audit to ensure a future with fraud-free elections as the focus, and I am very pleased that Arizona is leading the way. All states need to come here because insecure elections are indeed a national security threat worth fixing.

It had already been announced that Virginia will be one of the upcoming states to visit the Arizona audit. Finchem further confirmed to National File that the Virginia delegation had sent an advanced representative to observe, and prepare for an upcoming full future visit soon.

National File reported last month that Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers had toured the audit floor, and was able to dispel a number of myths regarding what exactly was taking place in Maricopa County:

Rogers was able to describe the procedures on the floor of the audit, confirming that security was taken incredibly seriously by the volunteers and organizers. Tally sheets and ballots were only allowed to be moved if there were three things present, that being people, papers, and cameras. Contrary to the claims of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the data collection system used by CyFIR was “read only,” and couldn’t change any votes, with everything at the site also being videoed, Rogers said.

A retired USAF pilot who is serving as a volunteer for the audit also informed her that the chain of custody procedures for the ballots “are as precise and flawless as Strategic Air Command’s.” He further slammed Hobbs, saying it was “laughable” that she claimed the machines were compromised, when she initially claimed that they were unhackable.

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