‘Arizonans are fed up’: State AG writes letter to Biden asking him to ‘fire’ Harris from border czar post

‘Arizonans are fed up’: State AG writes letter to Biden
asking him to ‘fire’ Harris from border czar post 1

TUCSON, AZ- We’ve all heard about the game called “Where’s Waldo,” where one is expected to pick out “Waldo” from a plethora of head shots contained within a photograph. Perhaps we should do a revamp of Where’s Waldo—let’s call it “Where’s Kamala?”

On March 24, Joe Biden appointed his vice-president to lead the administration’s efforts at the southern border to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country.

However, a full 50 days after Harris was appointed to lead that task, she hasn’t been within a thousand miles of the border. Now, Mark Brnovich, Attorney General for the state of Arizona is asking Biden to “fire” Harris from that task, Breitbart and other outlets are reporting.

In a letter to Biden on Wednesday, Brnovich wrote:

The crisis at our southern border has been escalating since January and is now clearly a catastrophe and a tragedy in the making. Like many Americans, I was encouraged by your March 24th appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the efforts to stem the tidal wave of illegal migration into our country. However, to date, her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal, so I am requesting that she be replaced as your “border czar.”

We are now nearly days into her appointment, and Vice President Hartis has shown little interest in observing what is happening along the border and has failed to articulate any play to deal with the devastating efforts of this crisis.

Instead, she has traveled to other states for unrelated and less-pressing matters. Mr. President, this is a slap in the fact to Arizonans who helped elect you both to the highest offices in the land.

And it isn’t only Brnovich and other Republicans who are slamming Harris’ apparent total lack of concern with the border crisis.

Breitbart reported that some Democrats have joined the chorus of lawmakers urging Harris to do what she was directed to do. They are asking her to visit the U.S.-Mexico border to witness firsthand the migrant surge causing the border crisis, Breitbart noted. Neither Harris nor Biden has been near the border.

According to Breitbart; “However the VP remains reluctant to visit the border, with a White House official telling the Los Angeles Times on condition of anonymity that going to the U.S.-Mexico line has nothing to do with addressing the ‘root causes’ of migration,’ which Harris considers her mission.”

On May 7, Breitbart reported that Harris had avoided visiting the border, nor has she held a press conference regarding the crisis in the nearly 50 days since Biden directed her to lead the administration’s response.

Brnovich continued:

“The truth is that our border officials are overwhelmed, law enforcement is understaffed, and local ranchers live in daily fear of threats from cartel operatives.

He added, “It is shameful that they are not receiving more federal support.”

“The latest apprehension numbers from April show that things are getting worse, and we do not yet know the full extent of dangerous people and drugs crossing into our communities,” Brnovich said.

“I conclude by respectfully requesting that Vice President Harris be replaced as America’s ‘border czar’ with a federal official who is willing to see the crisis firsthand and to work with state partners to address it,” he concluded.

The Daily Wire reported that since Biden took office in January, the border has been flooded by trying to get into the country illegally.

Biden did a complete 180 from the successful programs implemented under the Trump administration, which had significantly reduced the number of illegals entering the US.

Biden signaled during the campaign that the U.S. would be implementing a virtual “open border” policy, which has led to the influx.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- On Monday, April 26th, the National Border Patrol Council president stated that President Joe Biden has done more to enhance organized crime and place women and children in harm’s way at the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), southwest border encounters surged from 101,028 in February 2021 to 172,331 in March 2021. In January, the total encounters were 78, 444 and even less at the end of 2020.

In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, stated:

“Nobody has done more to enrich organized crime than President Biden.”

Judd added:

“When you look at the first 100 days of this administration as evidence by the numbers, nobody has done worse on border security than President Biden. Nobody has put women and children under more danger than President Biden has.”

Judd stated that the president is “clearly failing” over the border crisis and that Biden not visiting the location indicates that he does not know how to begin fixing the massive problem.

Judd also added that it is unacceptable for Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Central America in June and not any sooner.

He reiterated that Harris “refused to do her job” and that he hopes Americans realize how poorly the administration is failing in its border policies. Judd said:

“Again, it’s easy to blame COVID when it’s convenient, but when you don’t have answers, when you don’t have solutions, all you do is put it back on COVID and say well I can’t do this because COVID’s not allowing me to.”

He added:

“But, she (Harris) can travel across the world, across the United States, but for something that is so important to the American public as border security, she refused to do her job.”

On Sunday, April 25th, Harris reportedly dismissed questions over a “potential visit” to the souther border, saying to a reporter she is “not going to play political games.” A reporter with WMUR, a local ABC affiliate in New Hampshire, asked Harris:

“Republicans are attacking you, saying you shouldn’t be in New Hampshire talking about infrastructure, you should be at the southern border talking about immigration. How do you respond to that?”

To which Harris responded by saying:

“I’m not going to play political games.”

According to Fox News, the vice president’s office said in a statement that Harris, Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador and two officials are going to meet virtually on May 7th. The statement said, in part:

“This meeting will deepen the partnership between our countries to achieve the common goals of prosperity, good governance, and addressing the root causes of migration.”

Judd said Harris can protect herself in many ways from the coronavirus and pointed out that former President Donald Trump visited the border several times. Judd added that himself and other agents are not partisan and that the Trump administration simply managed the border more effectively.

He said that the United States is facing a surge in illegal crossings and drug trafficking because the current administration reversed the former president’s border actions. Judd said that reinstating the “migration protection protocols” will stop the ongoing issue at the border. He said:

“This is something that we have never seen before. Almost 24 years in the Border Patrol going out and patrolling the border I have never seen anything like this before.”

Judd added:

“President Trump proved how long it would take. It was like a light switch. Bring back the migrant protection protocols and this will end.”

The Biden administration continues to deny the crisis at the border and instead emphasizes factors like poverty and climate in Central America. At a recent roundtable, Harris said:

“We are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate, we’re looking at drought in an area in a region where agriculture is one of the most traditionally important basis for their economy, we’re looking at what’s happening in terms of food scarcity as a result of that and in fact, incredible food insecurity, which we used to call hunger food insecurity.”

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