Audio call between President Trump and Ga. elections official reveals MSM misquoted the 45th President

Audio call between President Trump and Ga. elections
official reveals MSM misquoted the 45th President 1

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UPDATED 7:40 PM PT – Monday, March 15, 2021

The Washington Post backtracked after they were caught fabricating a direct quote from President Trump.

The Post quietly released an official correction late last week, after audio of President Trump speaking with the Georgia Secretary of State’s chief investigator Frances Watson was released to the public.

That correction was placed at the top of the original article on their conversation. It clearly states the President never asked the official to “find the fraud,” or suggested she’d be a national hero if she did.

Instead, the President can be heard expressing his worries that ballot signatures could be falsified, and urging Watson to check for instances of possible fraud.

“I will say this. If and when, I mean, hopefully this will show, because if you go back two years or four years you’re going to see it’s a totally different signature,” President Trump stated. “But hopefully when the right answer comes out you’ll be praised. I mean, I don’t know why, you know they’ve made it so hard. They will be praised. People will say, ‘great,’ because that’s what it’s about. That ability to check and to make it right, because everyone knows it’s wrong.”

The Associated Press was the first outlet to release the audio, which was reportedly found in Watson’s trash folder in her computer.

Despite the Washington Post issuing a correction, other outlets that jumped on the story, including ABC, have yet to redact the false quotes attributed to President Trump.

CNN came the closest to offering a redacting by posting an editor’s note on the original story, saying it “paraphrased” President Trump’s remarks.

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