AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Confident Election 'Will Ultimately Be Decided in Favor of President Donald J. Trump'

AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Confident Election 'Will
Ultimately Be Decided in Favor of President Donald J.
Trump' 1

Dr. Kelli Ward, chair of the Republican Party of Arizona, said in a Wednesday update that the day is “expected to be a lawsuit day” for the Arizona Republican Party, and she reaffirmed her confidence that the election will “ultimately be decided in favor of President Donald J. Trump.”

Ward described the day as a “lawsuit day” in her morning update. The Arizona GOP is expected in court Wednesday afternoon over their lawsuit demanding a hand-count audit of votes by precinct rather than by voting centers in Maricopa County.

“The Arizona Republican Party has a lawsuit about election integrity,” Ward said, identifying the Arizona Democratic Party and Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) as the opposition.

“And by the way, the Maricopa County Republican Party did make an issue of this,” Ward said. “They passed a resolution saying we need to vote by precincts all the way back in June before the primary — June of 2020”:

“There is a fundamental difference between sampling ‘polling centers’ and ‘precincts,’ most notable being the fact that there were only around 175 voting centers in this election but there were 748 precincts,” the Republican Party of Arizona said in a statement last week, announcing the legal action:

Ward said the issue comes down to if the legislature and the law it passed “should that take second fiddle to an election procedures manual created and printed by one member of the executive branch —  Katie Hobbs, the Secretary of State who has called Trump supporters —  remember — neo-Nazis.”

“I say no,” Ward said, adding that they will “hopefully have good news” to share after today’s showing in court.

Ward also expressed confidence that Trump will, in fact, emerge as the victor in the highly disputed presidential election.

“I’m going to tell you. I believe — I still do now, just as I did on election night — that this election will ultimately be decided in favor of President Donald J. Trump. ur 11 electoral votes will go to him,” she said.

“And we should not and will not ever allow mistakes, glitches, and other irregularities to become a partisan issue. We want full transparency and election integrity,” she added. “That’s it.”

This week, Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs (R) and Paul Gosar (R) expressed their belief that America “deserves an election audit,” providing examples of issues and concerns in a video shared by the Arizona GOP:

Joe Biden (D) led Trump by less than 10,400 votes in the Grand Canyon State as of Wednesday afternoon.

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