Bankrupt Spanish company Scytl helped rig Biden’s election “win”

Bankrupt Spanish company Scytl helped rig Biden’s election
“win” 1

(Natural News) The United States military reportedly conducted a raid the other day on a facility in Germany that housed servers run by Scytl, a Spanish election technology company that is now being accused of helping to rig the American election for Joe Biden.

Scytl, which oddly enough went bankrupt back in the summer, had been tasked with counting American ballots that even more oddly enough were deliberately outsourced by entities in the U.S. government to be tabulated overseas rather than here at home.

Scytl has repeatedly made headlines over the years for its involvement in a number of election scandals which, just like ours here at home, were found to be embroiled with fraud.

“Many American states commissioned a foreign company based in Spain to provide various election services – including online voting – in the 2020 presidential election,” reports Great Game India about Scytl’s involvement in the 2020 presidential election.

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Everything from voter registration to ballot counting can be managed and controlled by Scytl for a price, and this is apparently among the suite of services that were provided by the company to states that opted for them.

This is despite the fact that Scytl, which was plagued with more than 75 million euros’ worth of debt as of this past May, was declared bankrupt by a Spanish court back on June 2.

It has further been revealed the Scytl misused European Union funds, a bulk of which came from the Spanish government, to fund various pet projects.

“Instead of spending it on cooperative work with universities, Scytl used it to stock up its product team and develop new prototypes for its customers,” Great Game India explains.

“An injection of over 1.5 million euros from Spain’s Ministry for Industry was, according to an internal document seen by Republik, used for, among other things, a product demo for Neuchâtel. And 900,000 euros in E.U. funds were spent on the development of software modules for Ecuadorian election authorities.

This is highly relevant because it shows that Scytl is hardly a trustworthy company, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as a national election – and especially a national election with as much on the line as this one.

FEC head says widespread vote fraud produced illegitimate election

With that said, Scytl’s potential role in flipping votes for Biden cannot be overstated, as this would have been the company to do it in a number of key swing states.

While there are several other companies also involved, including Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, Scytl is another name worth emblazoning in your mind as a potential culprit.

Federal Elections Commission (FEC) head Trey Trainor has already stated that he believes election fraud was so widespread this cycle that the results are “illegitimate.”

Like the rest of us, Great Game India really wants to know why a shady company like Scytl – and a bankrupt one at that – was ever allowed to be involved in America’s election process. Will Americans ever receive the answers they deserve?

“The current Spanish government wants to overthrow Trump,” wrote one Great Game India commenter, revealing one possibility as to the how and why behind this bizarre partnership. “They have expressed this desire more than once.”

“They serve Soros,” this same commenter added, referring to the infamous globalist infiltrator George Soros. “The first meeting the president had was with Soros. They are open communists, and they are proud of being communists … The communists are destroying democracy in Europe and America. We are all heading to 1984.”

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