Ben Domenech Slams Biden’s Collusion With Facebook Censorship Campaign 

Ben Domenech Slams Biden’s Collusion With Facebook
Censorship Campaign  1

Publisher of The Federalist Ben Domenech slammed the Biden administration for colluding with Facebook to silence and suppress anything they don’t like. On Fox News’ Special Report Thursday, Domenech reacted to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealing Thursday that the administration is regularly “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

“Jen Psaki’s comments today,” said Domenech, are deeply concerning because “she mentioned the fact that this wasn’t just about Facebook but also about the companies in other areas that they own.” Domenech pointed out that Facebook also owns the popular messaging app WhatsApp, “which is something a lot of people use to communicate.”

During the segment, former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. argued that Facebook is being transparent with its censorship campaign. Domenech disagreed. “I’m sorry to disappoint Harold,” said Domenech, “but transparency is not a word I associate with any processes with Facebook flagging any information or disinformation. In fact, they are completely opaque in terms of their processes, what they judge, and how they deem things to be determined, including even their fact-checking process.”

Domenech explained how as the publisher of The Federalist he has experienced Facebook’s “frustrating” policies, including when the tech giant censored his publication’s stories regarding the Wuhan lab leak theory. However, Domenech believes it is far worse for individuals who are “just trying to share their own thoughts.”

Reflecting back on the Hunter Biden scandal, Domenech reminded viewers that on Twitter “people weren’t even allowed to direct message” the explosive New York Post story about Hunter’s laptop. “Is this going to be a similar circumstance, where Facebook starts to reach into the private communications of individuals under the guise of preventing misinformation, disinformation?” asked Domenech.

Domenech added that the White House blaming “disinformation” for declines in vaccination rates is a false excuse. The real reason is not because of disinformation, he said, but because government policies indicate that the COVID-19 vaccines don’t work.

Domenech gave the example of Los Angeles County, which announced today that regardless of people’s vaccination status, everyone will still have to wear a mask. “That does much more damage to the cause of vaccination than I would say any kind of sharing of information or debate around the origination of this virus,” stated Domenech.

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