Big Tech Censors Stop The Steal March

Big Tech Censors Stop The Steal March 1

Last weekend, ‘Stop the Steal’ marches were held in every state across the country.

This weekend, supporters are heading to the capital to call for election integrity and investigations into election fraud.

But organizing this event hasn’t been easy. On Nov. 10, Eventbrite, an event management and ticketing website, took the event down from their platform.

In an email to organizers, Eventbrite cited misinformation and then said the event violated their community guidelines.

Kylie Kremer, the founder of ‘Stop the Steal’ and organizer of the march, said in a tweet that thousands of people were emailing in to let her know they are coming to the march, even after Eventbrite canceled the event.

She said, “people are flying to DC from every state in the country to support President Trump,” and “Big Tech can’t stop We The People.”

In a text message, Kremer told one of our reporters that Eventbrite also emailed everyone who had RSVP’d saying the event was canceled.

Kremer said the event is not canceled but that they are being censored, and this isn’t the first time.

“I started the ‘Stop the Steal’ Facebook group that went viral and had 360,000 people. Within 22 hours, Facebook had shut us down. We were gaining a thousand people every 10 seconds. So we’ve taken the moment and built up a big coalition, which everyone can find out about at”

Facebook cited disinformation and calls for violence as the reason for the removal.

Kremer is also the executive director of Women for America First. She said after Facebook removed the group, the emailing service, Mail Chimp, took over her account, and wouldn’t allow her access.

Despite all the censorship, Kremer has said they aren’t going to stop.

“We aren’t going to stop until every legal vote is counted, and every illegal ballot that’s been cast has been thrown away,” she said.

NTD News will have live coverage of the March this Saturday.

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