‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History’: Reporter Shane Trejo Describes Detroit’s Election Night Chaos to One America News

‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History’: Reporter Shane Trejo
Describes Detroit’s Election Night Chaos to One America
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Big League Politics reporter Shane Trejo appeared on the One America News Network (OAN) on Wednesday to discuss electoral abnormalities in Detroit and across the country.

Trejo elaborated on his reporting for Big League Politics while appearing on “Real America with Dan Ball,” in which he described what occurred on election day as “the biggest scandal in U.S. history.”

“At about 3:30 am, 61 boxes of mystery ballots show up from the city clerk’s office. There was no chain of custody, no transparency, no accountability, no one would answer any questions about where they came from, and in my opinion, this was when they started the vote steal to take this away from President Trump. Because the next day when those ballots were processed, that’s when you saw the poll workers boarding up the facility. That’s when you saw poll challengers being dragged out and a Gestapo-esque situation was enforced in the TCF Center in Detroit,” Trejo said of the conditions at the absentee ballot counting board.

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Trejo confirmed to Ball that he was not being paid or coerced in any way to produce his testimony. He explained how information released prior to the election laid out the blueprint for the abnormalities that occurred on the day of the vote.

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“I was covering for Big League Politics the color revolution coup that was underway. They were setting the stage for a vote steal,” he explained, adding that Detroit poll worker trainers were “cackling about how they were going to disenfranchise poll challengers using COVID rules and other schemes” in leaked audio.

“This was all very much planned,” Trejo added.

The intrepid reporter also gave his opinion of what exactly took place on election day.

“I think at a certain point when they realized they were losing the election, when their Dominion fraud didn’t throw enough votes from Trump to Biden. I think they realized, ‘ok, now it’s time to do the mail-in ballots.’ I think there was sort of a mad rush to do it. I think that they knew ahead of time that they might have had to do it, but think there was a mad rush to do it at the dead of night, and that would make sense considering they stopped counting votes for so long in all these battleground states,” Trejo said.

“So what we’re seeing now is the country morph into a Soviet-style hellscape and, ya know, we’re already past third world. We’re heading to something much worse, something akin to the Orwellian nightmare,” he concluded.

Ball ended the segment by applauding Trejo as a patriot and urging him to stand by his guns while referring to be deterred by the terror tactics of the Left. The political establishment is desperate to legitimize these election results before a proper investigation into the abnormalities can occur.

Trejo’s full appearance on OAN can be seen here:

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