Black Lives Matter Wisconsin leader – a convicted felon – arrested on suspicion of sexual assault

Black Lives Matter Wisconsin leader – a convicted felon –
arrested on suspicion of sexual assault 1

MILWAUKEE, WI –�Prominent Black Lives Matter
leader, recording artist, and convicted felon “Frank Nitty II,â€
also known as 39-year-old Frank David Sensabaugh, was
Monday night on suspicion of felony third-degree
sexual assault.

Sensabaugh livestreamed his arrest by Milwaukee Police on
Facebook Live.

A little after 11:00 p.m. Monday night, Milwaukee police showed
up at Sensabaugh’s home to arrest him on suspicion of
third-degree sexual assault.  Officers gave Sensabaugh time to
gather phone numbers and other things before placing him in

Prominent Milwaukee Black
Lives Matter leader, Frank Sensabaugh, has been arrested in a sex
crime investigation. He filmed the arrest in a live stream video.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo)
November 18, 2020

Sensabaugh climbed to national prominence as a Black Lives
Matter leader after the George Floyd incident, having organized and
led protests in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Madison, and other Wisconsin

He was streaming video as he was being arrested, so his son
assumed control of his phone and continued recording. 

Sensabaugh was first approached by and declined to speak to law
enforcement.  When a female officer re-engaged him, he agreed to
cooperate but said he needed time to get ready to surrender.

He then continued recording for over ten minutes. He finally
said he needed to call his lawyer and was placed into custody. He
signed off his live feed after asking followers to share it.

Frank David Sensabaugh is why


— TheUnwantedMan (@TheUnwantedBin)
November 19, 2020

The video noted an off-camera physical altercation between
Sensabaugh’s friend and Milwaukee police.

Sensabaugh pleaded for help before the video was terminated:

“I don’t have any cash on me, so I would appreciate
if someone would put some on my books.â€

Sensabaugh has an extensive criminal history that includes drug
manufacturing charges.  He has also been arrested for driving on a
revoked license.  He owes over $92,000 in child support. 

He was arrested for disorderly conduct just three months ago
after leading a group to block traffic on a highway in Indiana.

Over the summer, Sensabaugh led marches across the upper Midwest
city and in Washington, D.C. calling for an end to racial
injustice. It also has put him at odds with law enforcement, one
time clashing during an attempt to march over the David Hoan
Memorial Bridge in Milwaukee that ended with his arrest.

On August 24, he was involved in a Black Lives Matter march that
crossed onto private property in Michigan, and the event resulted
in an exchange of gunfire.  One protester was injured.

His violent rhetoric was memorialized in a video.  He was quoted
in the video:

“White supremacists … if you point your guns at us,
you will die.â€

This violent attitude and demeanor have now shown through again
with the latest allegation resulting in his arrest.

In the video taken during his arrest, Sensabaugh tries to

his side of the story.  He talks about the “supposed
victim†as someone he tried to help, and that took his rental

Prominent Milwaukee Black
Lives Matter leader, Frank Sensabaugh, has been arrested in a sex
crime investigation. He filmed the arrest in a live stream video.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo)
November 18, 2020

He continues:

“She needed somewhere to stay, came to knock on my
door, drove me to the airport and everything.â€

(Sensabaugh) then alleged the accuser ‘disappeared’
with a rental car that wasn’t in his name and she wasn’t
supposed to drive. He said he had been asking her to bring it back
for days and told her, ‘they’re going to have to call the
police because I didn’t rent it in my name.’â€

He claimed he texted the woman and could tell she was reading
the messages, but she did not respond.

He later said:

“Then after that, I said, ‘Fine, I’ll leave it
alone, they’re going to call police on you.’

“Who gets sexually assaulted, drives to the airport,
makes sure they landed, you know, this is crazy.â€

Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh
traveled to Portland for activities around October 23, when he
demonstrated the smooth ways with the ladies that led to his
charges. He makes time with a BLM floozy over the trinkets and
boulders he wears around his neck from various nationwide riot
sites https://t.co/MmfVlX0A22

— Alan Bings (@AlanBings)
November 18, 2020

He ended his video, saying:

“Let me say bye to everybody. I love you all. You all
know this is bullsh*t. I have all the evidence to back it up.
Continue to support.â€

Frank Sensabaugh was transferred to the Milwaukee County Jail on
Tuesday night, but it is unclear if he has been charged with a
crime yet.  The details of the allegation are not clear but involve
a woman Sensabaugh says stayed with him after she was involved in
one of his marches.

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Group of “activists†on multi-state march walks onto wrong
property – gets into shoot out with homeowners

September 5, 2020


BEDFORD, PA – On August 24th, a group of
activists were participating in a march where some were walking,
others driving, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Washington DC with the
hopes of raising awareness on their perceived social justice

At some point, while they were in Bedford, the marchers got into
a dispute with property owners, which ended in a shooting.

Pennsylvania State Police released a statement which said:

“Troop G Bedford station was contacted by a property
owner on Monday, August 24 at 11:18pm regarding a group of people
in a private business parking lot.  Troopers later learned the
group was comprised of approximately 30 activists who are traveling
on foot and in vehicles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Washington,

“At approximately 11:35pm at the same location and
before state police arrival, the property owners confronted the
activists.  The confrontation escalated, and gunshots were
exchanged between the property owners and the

“One of the activists was struck by birdshot from a
shot gun.  The man was treated and released from the Conemaugh
Memorial Medical Center, 1086 Franklin Street Johnstown,
Pennsylvania.  A shotgun, shotgun shells, a semi-automatic pistol
and 9mm casings were all recovered at the scene.â€

State Troopers are conducting their investigation with the
Heritage Affairs Section of the State Police as well as the Bedford
county district attorney’s office.  At this time, they are unsure
who fired first or why the shots were fired in the first

There have been no arrests made at this time.

One of the protesters, Frank “Nitty†Sensabaugh, told Action
News 4:

“We don’t even have signs.  We’re just walking as
a group.  It’s just, it’s a lot to deal with…All the racism,
all the hatred toward black people.†

Sensabaugh live-streamed the incident on Facebook
In the video, you can hear what appears to be protesters, telling
an unknown person that the group is leaving and there was no need
to be “violent.†

It is unclear, but it appears the group was attempting to leave
as shots are heard.

Sensabaugh, believed to be recording, takes off running as the
gunshots are heard.  You can hear someone comment that the person
shooting was white.  You can then hear another person, once
Sensabaugh is in a vehicle, ask where his “gun†was located,
and then you can hear the firearm being racked.  The video cuts off
immediately afterward. 

One of the group leaders, Troy Lowe, explained on Facebook that
the group of marchers had stopped to reorganize before they walked
up an incline to continue their march.  It appears that the people
that were in the area were probably concerned that this group of
marchers intended to riot in the neighborhood and came out armed
with at least one gun.

Lowe aid on Facebook:

“He was like three feet away from us shooting and I
told him there was a minister here.†

Lowe said after the shooting, the man:

“…started talking to us and talking about God and
then tried to shake our hands and stuff like that…He just started
talking to us like nothing ever happened, like he never shot at us
or nothing.†

According to Action News4, there is a gunshot heard prior to a
person exiting their house and walking across the street.  When
that person exits their house, they confront the group of
protesters as they are walking down the road. 

Action News4 said:

“You can hear more gunshots, and at some point, the
people across the street can be heard saying something to the
activists.  In its first press release, state police said an
argument happened and then gunshots were fired.â€


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arrested on suspicion of sexual assault
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