BLM attacks democrats for defund the police vote, claiming ‘NO ONE’ in the Senate had their back

BLM attacks democrats for defund the police vote, claiming
‘NO ONE’ in the Senate had their back 1

According to reports, Black Lives Matter is attacking Democrats in the Senate after they supported a measure featured in the infrastructure bill that would financially penalize localities that engage in police defunding efforts.

One Democratic senator in particular, Cory Booker, was called out by name by Black Lives Matter in their series of criticisms regarding Democrats’ support of a GOP-backed amendment that would withhold federal funding to localities that tried to defund their police.

In recent weeks, Democratic officials have been working fervently to distance themselves from being labeled as the “police defunding” party, a slogan and effort that was championed by the fringes of the Democrats’ constituency.

So, when a Republican-backed amendment regarding withholding federal funds to localities that defund their police was added to the infrastructure and budget bill, Democrats supported the effort and said budget was passed earlier in August.

Democratic Senator Cory Booker went so far as to call the amendment a “gift” from Republican bill sponsor Senator Tommy Tuberville, saying that the party can put to rest the accusations of being all for defunding the police:

“This senator has given the gift that finally once and for all we can put to bed this scurrilous accusation that somebody in this great, esteemed body would want to defund the police.”

It’s frankly a smart move for Democrats to avoid clamoring about or supporting efforts to defund the police, as polls have shown that 82% of Americans do not support police defunding. Even when that is broken down between political parties, 66% of Democrats polled do not support police defunding.

However, Black Lives Matter, which is emblematic of championing defunding of police and other policy positions that are held by the fringes of the Democrats’ constituency, were not thrilled that Democrats in the Senate supported the amendment.

Earlier in August, BLM voiced their disdain against Senate Democrats in a tirade from their official Twitter account.

“Just a couple of hours ago, every Senate Democrat voted with Republicans on an amendment to the infrastructure and budget bill that would eliminate federal funding for local governments that defund the police.”

“Make no mistake, this is a universal attempt to silence the demands from the streets. This is an attempt to put our movement ‘in check.’ No one, we repeat NO ONE, had the back of our revolutionary movement in the Senate.”

“In fact, 1 of the 2 Black Democratic Senators — Cory Booker — said in a speech tonight that he thinks this amendment is “a gift” that would let Democrats “put to bed this scurrilous accusation that somebody in this great esteemed body would want to defund the police.”

“Fam, this is the time to sound the damn alarm. We must show these folks that WE hold the power. Our demand is real: we must divest from the systems that are killing us and reimagine public safety as a public health imperative for Black people.”

“The U.S. House has the opportunity to ensure this doesn’t become law. If we are going to succeed, we need you to join our advocacy team. Text DEFUND to 24365 to join.”

Falling in line with the groups often employed use of hyperbole, BLM is urging their followers to reach out to the House of Representatives to demand that they strike from the budget resolution “the Senate’s Anti-Black Amendment”, which said House vote happens to be coming up within the next week – which according to reports, the House already has plans to pass the Senate-approved budget.

Once again, BLM is learning the hard way that sometimes even Democrats know when to distance themselves from absurd policy positions.

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(Originally published August 14th, 2021)

NEWBERG, OR – According to reports, a school board in Newberg voted to prohibit “political” flags, signs, and clothing from district buildings earlier in August – which would include depictions of Black Lives Matter and LGBT Pride.

But, even with the recent vote to prohibit the aforementioned, school district officials are consulting legal counsel to ensure that said bans can actually be enforced.

On August 10th, Newberg, Oregon’s school board voted to ban “political” and “divisive” symbols from district buildings – which include BLM and Pride symbols – so as to foster an environment where education is the focus and isn’t disturbed by political/ideological distractions.

School board director and vice chair Brian Shannon asked his fellow board members to not only prohibit said symbols from district buildings, but also prohibit teachers from wearing clothing in school that promotes said symbols:

“The main goal of this is to get political symbols and divisive symbols out of our schools so we can focus on the already difficult task of educating our students in the core subjects.”

However, some aren’t thrilled about the banning of Pride and BLM symbols.

Tai Harden-Moore claimed during the meeting that non-white students “are under attack” in local schools, citing an anecdotal instance where her son was allegedly called a slur once:

“Black students and other kids of color are under attack in Newberg schools. I know this to be true because my son was called a n***** at school.”

Caitlin Collins, the wife of a Newberg teacher, argued that including such symbols in schools actually helps children become more successful students:

“Research shows an affirming school environment improves behavioral, academic and mental health outcomes for all students.”

Although not everyone is buying that notion presented by Collins. One unnamed woman spoke out during the August 10th virtual meeting, saying that BLM and Pride rhetoric is causing harm to students in a myriad of ways:

“The BLM and LGBTQ ideology and curriculum are shattering the innocence of children, promoting racial divide and negatively impacting the lives of our children forever.”

It was a close vote, with 4-3 in favor of banning political symbols from the schools. Board Director Brandy Penner was among those who voted against banning Pride and BLM flags/symbols from schools, claiming that it attacks free speech and poses “safety” issues:

“This feels so anti-everything. Anti-free speech, anti-free expression, anti-safety.”

Before any such ban can be put into action, the district superintendent says that they will need to consult with their attorneys to ensure that this is a practice that can legally be done.

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LET Unity

(Originally published August 13th, 2021)

CHICAGO, IL – Twitter has allowed Black Lives Matter to post a fake email purporting to be from the Chicago police union threatening the organization without removing or labeling the post as false.


The fake email was sent by someone impersonating the head of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police but was later determined to be a fake by an authentication service.

The August 11 post said FOP President John Catanzara sent them an email at 2 a.m. making the threat. BLM Chicago commented under the post:

“Yes, John Catanzara, the FOP president, called us “Thugs Lives Matter” and said he was coming for us ‘homeboys.’

“Yes, yes he did say that.”

Despite later learning that the email was not real, BLM Chicago allowed the post to remain displayed on its Twitter account without correction.

The only indication on their page that there was anything inaccurate was a follow-up post thanking “everyone” for sharing how to authenticate an email:

“Thanks to everyone for sharing how to authenticate an email.

“We get hate mail, death threats via email, phone, messenger, etc. daily, however this was a new one from a seemingly official account.

“Each one teach one. We appreciate our village.”

The Chicago FOP Lodge #7 replied by posting an image of the organization’s email to BLM Chicago demanding the fake email post be removed. In the email addressed to BLM Chicago and copied to the Black Lives Matter national organization, the email read:

“Please be advised that neither I nor anyone associated with the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7 sent an email on August 11, 021 at 2:00 a.m. (or at any time), which appears on your formal Twitter account.

Clearly, it is false, misleading, and extremely troubling that your organization would re-post such an inflammatory email without verifying its authenticity.”

The email reply goes on to emphasize that the email was clearly sent to stoke discontent and demanded the post be removed and BLM Chicago’s followers be informed that it was fake:

“As the civil unrest in the city continues, you must inform your followers on your official Twitter account that this email was not sent by, or in any way, authorized by me or Lodge 7. At a minimum, you must retract or clarify the post given what you now know.”

The email reply was signed by Catanzara.

BLM Chicago tweeted another claim that the FOP was responsible for the threatening email before others notified them that it was false. BLM Chicago tweeted:

“The FOP is saying the email is fake (Of course they are) Next they will say it was hacked. We sent the email to our attorneys.

“This behavior is what is to be expected from Catanzara. What’s most surprising is that he forgot to log out of his official acct before hitting send.”

Several followers began to point out the threatening email’s false nature and ask BLM Chicago why they have not apologized. Simon Willison said:

“If you share the full raw text of the email including the headers there are likely to be DKIM headers which can authenticate that the sender and message content hasn’t been tampered with.”

Another user posted the DKIM header showing the email to be from a fake mailer service. This prompted user Louis Mensch to ask:

“Where is your apology to him? You just talk about email headings, no ‘we were wrong?’”

Interestingly, throughout this entire exchange, which went on well into the next day, Twitter never took action to remove the fake post or to label it as misinformation.

Ironically, Twitter did shield from view some replies that called out BLM Chicago for not correcting the record.

Several comments calling for an apology were marked as “offensive,” and required approval to be displayed. The “offensive” comments included user StaceyB tweeting:

“So, if you know it’s fake why do you keep the tweet? To contribute to defame John? To great controversy? To incite? Likely all 3.”

Another post deemed too “offensive” included:

“Seeing how many people have shown this to be a fake, it looks like you owe an apology…NOW.”

One user questioned the decency of BLM for allowing the falsehood to continue on their page:

“You’re not even decent enough to apologize when proven wrong.

“Tells me everything I need to know about BLM:  quick to accuse, non-existent to own a mistake.  Rotten to the core.”

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