Bombshell: “Ballot traffickers” caught on video emptying backpacks of ballots into Georgia drop boxes in middle of night

Bombshell: “Ballot traffickers” caught on video emptying
backpacks of ballots into Georgia drop boxes in middle of
night 1

(Natural News) Investigators looking into voter fraud allegations in Georgia, one of several key battleground states Donald Trump supposedly ‘lost’ in November, are about to drop bombshell video they say will prove beyond any doubt that at least The Peach State was stolen from the former president.

Talk show host John Fredericks joined “War Room” with Steve Bannon this week to discuss an operation he says involved a couple hundred “ballot traffickers” who “emptied backpacks” full of ballots into collection boxes in the middle of the night, which was highly illegal even under previous Georgia election law before the state passed voter reforms earlier this year.

“What we’ve uncovered, about to break in Georgia, is, all hell’s gonna break loose,” Fredricks told Bannon, Trump’s former top political adviser.

He went on to mention a pair of investigative organizations — OPSEC and True The Vote — have uncovered video showing the blatant acts of fraud, a story that was actually first reported by Bannon’s Real America’s Voice network colleague Heather Mullas, when she appeared on Fredricks’ show on Wednesday.

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“About 240, what I’m going to call, ballot traffickers in Georgia. And so what they did is, they went around to the drop boxes all over the state” and emptied backpacks of ballots they were carrying into them, Fredericks said, adding that each trafficker was responsible for dumping into an average of 24 collection boxes apiece.

Hearing this, it now makes more sense why Georgia Republicans, as part of their voter reform bill that cost the state the Major League All-Star Game, limited the number of drop boxes and ensured that they would be monitored 24-7-365.

“This is all video,” Fredericks claimed, adding that the box traffickers were also wearing gloves, no doubt to hide their fingerprints.

He went on to note that even the “illegal consent decree” GOP Gov. Brian Kemp and GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger entered into with left-wing ‘voting reform’ activist and failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams only allowed for the person who actually voted to drop off their ballot, and none for anyone else (a practice known as ballot harvesting).

“This is gonna be as explosive as the fake ballots we’re gonna find in Fulton County,” home to Atlanta, Fredericks added.

On its website, True The Vote noted:

We’d watched the mass mail out of paper ballots to highly inaccurate voter records, the harried installation of ballot dropboxes privately funded by billionaire tech magnates, and the hundreds of legislative changes, lawsuits, and consent decrees that fundamentally altered election processes. All of it came together in 2020, under the fog of COVID. It was planned. It was purposeful.

Having studied election process for decades, our team was well aware of the pitfalls associated with America’s uniquely insecure approach to elections. We knew that attempts to prove certain types of election malfeasance would fail, so we chose instead to focus on the grifts that would necessarily leave trackable, provable data trails.

To test our trafficking theory, we acquired over ten trillion location-based cell signals in major metropolitan areas across six states. Initially, we worked with whistleblowers and witnesses, but soon enough, the data alone told the tale. Using mobile and GPS data, we mapped the travel patterns of ballot traffickers to ballot dropboxes.
The group noted that some of what has been discovered thus far regarding the ballot trafficking was revealed in a Breitbart News story published late last month, when the one thing dominating the news was Joe Biden’s botched pullout from Afghanistan, in which he left untold numbers of Americans behind.

“We have much more,” True The Vote reported on its website.

So far, the group noted, there has been no law enforcement action taken against anyone.

“Make no mistake, what we have found will be made known. If law enforcement doesn’t initiate investigations, we have plans to release all data, all video, publicly,” the group added.

Article by JD Heyes

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