Brannon Howse: November 23, 2020 – Interview with General Thomas McInerney about HAMMER, Scorecard and wholesale election theft

Brannon Howse: November 23, 2020 - Interview with General
Thomas McInerney about HAMMER, Scorecard and wholesale election
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Guest: 3-Star General Thomas McInerney, National Intelligence authors Mary Fanning and Alan Jones. Topic: General McInerney joins us to explain how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) aided the Marxist Democrats in stealing the 2020 Presidential election through a CIA cyber facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Topic: General McInerney discusses the CIA cyber facility center from which he says servers were confiscated by U.S. special forces and in possession of the good guys now.

Topic: General McInerney describes how “A prominent father of an anchor said that Sidney [Powell] was mentally ill.” Topic: What did General McInerney report the day before the 2020 election that he says may have caused the CIA to move their election stealing software over to the cyber facility in Frankfurt, Germany?

Topic: General McInerney explains why Fox News will not mention Scorecard or HAMMER. Topic: General McInerney discusses why Chris Krebs was fired from being the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Topic: General McInerney describes why he is willing to stake his long distinguished career on the truth of the existence and illegal use of the program, hardware and software HAMMER and Scorecard.

Topic: Brannon reads from a Tweet from former Fox News report Adam Housley that tweets “One of the claims by Powell I have looked into…the claim a location was raided in Germany with servers. I have 3 sources on this…all as solid as they come. Here is what I have found: There is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by CIA used to monitor/manipulate elections around the globe. That location did have servers and a front company as cover. I cannot confirm the location was tied to U.S. elections. One sources says raided, 2 don’t know.”

Topic: Mary Fanning and Alan Jones join us to respond to and add to the exclusive report by General McInerney on Brannon’s program.

Topic: U.S. Congressman calling for biometrics tracking of Americans and he uses the chaos in the 2020 U.S. elections to justify this invasion of privacy. The Congressman also saw the biometrics can be used for medical reports, central banks digital assets, digital currencies and immunity certificates. Alan and Mary explain how this is similar to what Communist China does with their citizens and how China is pushing for a global digital currency.

Topic: The reported slander by a TV anchor’s father that Sidney is mentally ill is a Communist tactic from the U.S.S.R. to destroy their political enemies.

Topic: Mary and Alan describe the 2020 Presidential election was stolen in a multifaceted manner.

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