BREAKING: Arizona Senate Serves Maricopa County With Subpoena for Routers, Ballot Envelopes, Voter Databases

BREAKING: Arizona Senate Serves Maricopa County With
Subpoena for Routers, Ballot Envelopes, Voter Databases 1

The Arizona Senate have served Maricopa County with another subpoena relating to the forensic audit of the 2020 election, asking for ballot envelopes, routers, and voter databases, among other requests.

The news about the subpoena was broken late Monday on CNN by Bill Gates, one of the RINO members of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors. “Right before I came on here, the board of supervisors received another subpoena from the state Senate ordering us to turn over the routers, in addition to some other information,” Gates said. “And they threaten us in these papers that if we do not turn those over by August 2nd, so that’s next Monday, then we could be held in contempt,” he continued. The subpoena, posted to Twitter by ABC15’s Garrett Archer, included requests to Maricopa County for:

  • Any reports and documents related to any breach of the voter registration server, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office systems, or any other aspect of the Maricopa County elections systems at any time within six months of the election.
  • All ballot envelopes and digital images of those ballots.
  • Usernames, passwords, and other such information for the ballot tabulation devices, at all levels of access.
  • The voter registration database for Maricopa County, including the history of all changes made to that database.
  • All routers used in connection with the election, and the public IP of the routers.
  • Network logs related to any administrative system for the election.

The new subpoena follows various claims from the team behind the Maricopa forensic audit, which have been much maligned by the mainstream press. Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the firm hired by the Arizona Senate to conduct the audit, told the Senate at hearings earlier this month that a large number of ballots contained duplicated serial numbers. He later confirmed 74,000 EV33 forms, for ballots received by Maricopa County, did not have matching EV32s, implying that they had not been sent. (READ MORE: Wendy Rogers Calls For Recalling Electors After Bombshell Maricopa Hearing)

“This was brought up in the context of justifying why we should do canvassing, because the situation didn’t make any sense,” Logan said regarding the ballot forms. “Canvassing would give an explanation as to what was happening here, and if anything was wrong or if there is a good explanation for it. If Maricopa county officials were answering questions, as in a normal audit, they would’ve had an opportunity to explain. However, even if they’d give us an explanation, as auditors we would then need to validate if their response logically explained the situation.”

America First members of the Arizona legislature have slammed the November election as a result of these findings, with State Representative Mark Finchem, who is currently running for Secretary of State, labeling it as a “sh*t show,” with so many errors and discrepancies that it “cannot be called accurately.”

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