BREAKING: Dominion Spokesman Will Be On FOX News at Noon ET – Alan Dershowitz Weighs In (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Dominion Spokesman Will Be On FOX News at Noon ET
– Alan Dershowitz Weighs In (VIDEO) 1

On Friday Dominion Voting Systems backed out from testifying before a Pennsylvania House Committee.

Following Dominion’s refusal to testify the PA House GOP leader accused Dominion of slapping Pennsylvanians in their face. He went on to ask, “If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding from us?”

Here are a few previous Gateway Pundit reports on Dominion Voting Machines.

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This morning Maria Bartiromo announced representative for Dominion Voting Machines will be on FOX News today at Noon Eastern.

Maria Bartiromo broke the news today on Sunday Morning Futures.
And Maria posted a list of questions that Dominion must answer about their voting systems.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz told Maria two questions must be answered by Dominion.
1.) Was their potential on the machines to switch votes?
2.) Did it happen?

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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