BREAKING: Expert Identifies 200,000 Votes Hi-Jacked from Trump to Biden in Georgia at the Precinct Level

BREAKING: Expert Identifies 200,000 Votes Hi-Jacked from
Trump to Biden in Georgia at the Precinct Level 1

Data Expert Edward Solomon analyzed the 2020 election results in Georgia and identified another pattern in the data showing ultimately 200,000 votes transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden at the precinct level.

President Trump was reportedly ahead in the 2020 election in Georgia on Election night by over 100,000 votes.  But within hours his lead was diminished.  It’s likely even when President Trump was hundreds of thousands of votes ahead, he had already had 200,000 votes (net) moved from his totals to Joe Biden.

Then when this was not enough to steal the election for Biden, the Democrats implemented emergency measures in Atlanta, making up a water main break story in an effort to vacate the State Farm Center where absentee ballots were being counted.  Once alone, a few individuals stuck around and pulled suitcases full of ballots out from under a table and added thousands of ballots for Joe Biden to the system.  Eventually the election was stolen for Biden in Georgia by 10,000 votes.

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Previous work

For weeks we knew that votes were moved from President Trump to Joe Biden through the voting applications used in the election.  We saw this and reported this at a high level after reporting on numerous glitches and then discovering some work at the Donald website where  a group of individuals uncovered millions of votes transferred at the state level:

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Then we were introduced to another Internet genius who took a look at the data reported from election night and using a script he developed, identified hundreds of thousands of votes moving from President Trump to Joe Biden (often times through third party candidates).  These transfers occurred in every state.

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The next day we were introduced to Edward Solomon’s work in Pennsylvania where he shows how votes are systematically transferred at the precinct level from President Trump to Joe Biden.  Once a precinct would reach a level where the percent of voters voting in a precinct reached near 100%, the shift would move to other precincts.  Solomon’s initial work was in Pennsylvania.

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Expert Solomon again has located votes that were switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.  This time in Georgia.  Using the same approach, the same pattern is identified and ultimately 200,000 votes (net) were moved from President Trump to Joe Biden:

Biden is only ahead in Georgia by 10,000 votes.  There is so much fraud in Georgia that it was criminal for the ‘Republican’ state leaders to sanction the 2020 election and claim Joe Biden won the state.  This is absolutely not true.

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