BREAKING: Fulton County Elections Director Announces Resignation Following Months Of Controversy

BREAKING: Fulton County Elections Director Announces
Resignation Following Months Of Controversy 1

Fulton County Director of Registrations and Elections Richard Barron announced that he will be tendering his resignation effective in the beginning of December 2021 on Wednesday, following months of controversy and speculation surrounding alleged polling station and ballot irregularities during the 2020 presidential election.

“I am writing to tender my resignation as Director of Registrations and Elections effective December 31,” Barron wrote in a letter addressed to the board of elections chair and the county commission chair. “I believe this timeline will allow the Department to name an Interim Director and begin recruitment for a permanent director. I will continue to work with the department to execute the November 30 runoff election and support transition for the department.”

“Under the intense scrutiny of the last year, I believe our team has performed with grace and professionalism,” Barron said. “Even in the midst of threats to our personal safety, we have continued to make the interests of Fulton County voters our highest priority.”

“Since the November 2020 Election, we have participated in multiple reviews, audits, and litigation — all of which have failed to identify wrongdoing or malfeasance,” the letter continues.  “We stand behind our work and I know the team is well prepared for the 2022 Elections.”

Barron fired two employees accused of shredding hundreds of voter registration applications in October:

The Fulton County Registration & Elections director has fired two employees who are accused of shredding 300 voter registration applications instead of fully processing them. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has called for the Biden regime’s Department of justice to open an investigation into the incident.

“Fulton County Registration & Elections Director Richard Barron has announced the termination of two employees who have allegedly shredded a number of paper voter registration applications received within the last two weeks,” a statement from the Fulton County Registration & Elections read on Tuesday. “Barron has also referred the actions of the two employees to the Office of Investigations within the Secretary of State’s Office.”

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