BREAKING: Minors Inexplicably Banned from TPUSA’s Student Action Summit Conference

BREAKING: Minors Inexplicably Banned from TPUSA’s Student
Action Summit Conference 1

On Tuesday a 15 year old boy and 17 year old girl, both of whom were planning on attending Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) annual Student Action Summit found out that they had their admissions entirely revoked with no specific reason or explanation given as to why.

Turning Point’s Student Action Summit is one of the largest annual conservative political conferences in the country, primarily hosting thousands of youth and young adults while featuring famous conservative speakers from all over the country. Highlight speakers from the past several years include Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, former President Trump, and many more. The conference takes place in Tampa, Florida, and is set to begin on July 17th, just 4 days after the revocations were sent out.

Emails forwarded to Big League Politics revealed that both minors received emails informing them that their admission was revoked. The two responded separately asking for specifics on why they were banned, and have yet to hear back.

TPUSA’s email revoking the invitation
BREAKING: Minors Inexplicably Banned from TPUSA’s Student
Action Summit Conference 2
The 15 year old boy’s response
BREAKING: Minors Inexplicably Banned from TPUSA’s Student
Action Summit Conference 3
TPUSA’s revocation of the 17 year old girl’s admission & her response

Written statements from the boy and girl indicated that they believe TPUSA banned them due to potential association with Nick Fuentes, a conservative commentator who was known recently for being de-platformed on social media and being placed on the ‘No Fly List’ despite having never committed a crime.

“I attended CPAC a few days ago, and Nick Fuentes showed up. I stood next to him as he entered and watched as everything unfolded.” The 15 year old boy said in a statement to Big League Politics. “Then, photos from it became viral. Kids from my school found it, even. People were dming me about it. And then, just today, TPUSA emailed me to tell me I was no longer invited to their SAS conference (they had already approved my invitation and I already paid for an expensive VIP ticket and rented a hotel). The timing seems suspicious as well as the fact that the only other known person to be disinvited was supporting Nick Fuentes when he was banned from Twitter. I still haven’t received a reason for my disinvitation.”

The 17-year-old girl’s statement indicated a similar suspicion as well.

“Two days after posting about Nick Fuentes being banned from Twitter I received an email from Turning Point telling me I had been banned from attending SAS,” she said. “They offered no reason and there were no explicit policies which I had violated. This happened on 7/13/21 with the event to be held beginning on 7/17/21. Flights and accommodation have already been purchased. Prior to this I received no remarks from Turning Point in relation to my content. When I reached out to local Turning Point officials I was informed that they monitor social media activity. I have emailed them asking for an official statement as to why my admission has been revoked as well as a refund for my flight expenses as I have not violated any codes of conduct.”

Numerous accounts took to social media to discuss the incident, including the 15-year-old boy himself under the Instagram handle @oneyoungpatriot.

The post displays a screenshot of the email and the description reads “I have been banned from TPUSA’s SAS after I purchased a VIP ticket.”

76 Fest, a fairly new organization that specializes in hosting political conferences for young conservatives combined with a nature-based outdoor camping aspect, posted on social media both in support of the banned minors and to rebuke cancel culture as a whole.

The story will be updated as it develops.

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