BREAKING: RINO PA Senate President Corman HIJACKS Election Audit By Firing Senator Mastriano’s Staff

BREAKING: RINO PA Senate President Corman HIJACKS Election
Audit By Firing Senator Mastriano’s Staff 1

Pennsylvania Jake Corman Senate President has fired the staff of Senator Doug Mastriano in an attempt to prevent and hijack efforts at a forensic audit in the state.

Jake Corman, the Pennsylvania Senate President, has fired Senator Doug Mastriano’s staff in an attempt to hijack the election audit and stonewall the effort in the state. Teddy Daniels, an America First candidate for US Congress, said it appears that Corman “wants to go to war,” and has appeared to have forgotten that “he isn’t dealing with Swampy RINO politicians.”

“Why do RINO’s always prefer to work ‘behind the scenes’? We want a transparent audit led by Mastriano! Not a con job by Corman who already has lied, stone walled the audit, and is now smearing @dougmastriano, who without, the audit would not be possible!” tweeted Liz Harrington.

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers slammed Corman, telling Americans that he “cannot be trusted and is acting in bad faith,” adding that “his audit will most likely be a cover up unless there is full transparency and cooperation” with Senator Mastriano.

Senator Mastriano released an update on the forensic investigation into the 2020 election this morning before his staff was fired, detailing how his efforts have been “stone walled.”

“We participated in several meetings with Senators Jake Corman and Kim Ward to move the investigation forward, but to no avail. We are continuously stone walled. In the meantime, I’ve been threatened with the loss of my committee chair and likewise threatened that my staff would be fired as retribution for my desire to move forward with a forensic investigation,” said Senator Mastriano. “Rumors are rife of a plan, on part of senate leadership, to move the investigation from my committee to a different committee. I don’t know if the rumors are true. If that happens, I have little confidence that a real investigation will ever take place.”

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What if It’s Proven that Joe Biden and the Democrats Didn’t Win the 2020 Election But They Refuse to Give Up Power?
BREAKING: PA Senate President Corman FIRES State Sen. Doug Mastriano’s Staff To Prevent a Forensic Audit – Appoints Cris Dush for Fake Audit!

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