BREAKING: Spotify Censors America First ‘MAGA Challenge’ Rapper Bryson Gray Over ‘Safe Space’ Song

BREAKING: Spotify Censors America First ‘MAGA Challenge’
Rapper Bryson Gray Over ‘Safe Space’ Song 1

Bryson Gray, the America First rapper behind the famous “MAGA Challenge” that urged supporters of President Donald Trump to rap about their support for the 45th President and the United States, had one of his new tracks, “Safe Space”, a collaboration with fellow rapper Patriot J, censored by Spotify with little explanation as to the the music service’s decision.

Gray revealed Spotify’s decision on Twitter this afternoon. Speaking to National File, Gray said, “I’ve been making music for over 10 years and I’ve never seen this happen.” He added, “I’ve never seen a song get banned on Spotify for no reason. It’s me first then everyone else next.

According to screen shots Gray provided to National File, many available on his Twitter account, fans of his music began telling him that one of his tracks was unable to be played on Spotify. When Gray attempted to contact Spotify to troubleshoot what initially appeared to be a technical issue, a Spotify representative repeatedly told Gray that the issue appeared to only be on his end, and that the track was available on Spotify.

After several emails, Gray received another response from Spotify, informing him that the track had been banned from their service, and refusing to elaborate further. Instead, Spotify suggested Gray contact his music distributor. When Gray attempted to contact TuneCore, his music distributor, the representative told him “they don’t give us specific reasons” in “an automated message”.

In another email, posted to Gray’s Twitter account, a TuneCore representative confirmed that Gray’s “Safe Space” was banned as a result of an internal decision from Spotify. “Please be advised that this was an internal decision from Spotify, and they reserve the rights to remove content that violates their policies,” wrote the representative.

On Twitter, Gray wrote, “My distribution company just emailed me and CONFIRMED THAT SPOTIFY BANNED MY SONG. THEY DID NOT GIVE ME A REASON.” He added, “They told me that they were ‘investigating’ it. Wow. I’ve never seen this in my life.”

The song contained several references to its potential for being banned. “They might ban me for this song, but this is how I’m rockin’,” raps Gray in the first lyric. Later, Patriot J adds, “They would ban me if I tweeted everything in this verse.”

The song itself contains socially conservative lyrics some may find uncharacteristic of the genre. Of homosexuality and transgenderism, Gray raps, “Promotin’ sin instead of tellin’ ’em they should change their ways”, and of COVID-19 face mask mandates, “They make you wear a mask, you comply, that reminds me of slaves.” In the same vein, he later adds, “You scared of COVID, but you around like 400 pounds / Take that mask off to eat fried chicken so you look like a clown”.

In Patriot J’s verse, he adds, “They want every man to be like Don Lemon, it hurts / They only love us when we Mike Brown, dead in the dirt.” Also mocking COVID-19 policies, Patriot J adds, “Probably wear a mask in the bed / While you layin’ there with a Fauci finger in your rear / And a blank stare, ’cause you done went along with this here”.

At press, the track is still available on all other popular music services, including YouTube. National File contacted Spotify to ask about the censorship of “Safe Space” and did not receive a response in time for publication.

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