BREAKING: Trump Makes First Post Presidency Remarks, Endorses Kelli Ward For Arizona GOP Chair Reelection

BREAKING: Trump Makes First Post Presidency Remarks,
Endorses Kelli Ward For Arizona GOP Chair Reelection 1

After briefly breaking his silence earlier today, when he told the media that he was planning something, but was not yet ready to unveil it, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward posted audio, recorded by President Donald Trump after the end of his first term, revealing that she has his endorsement in her bid to be reelected to her position.

“It is such an honor to have President Donald Trump’s total and complete endorsement as I run for re-election as Arizona GOP Chairwoman,” wrote Ward on her Twitter account, adding hashtags #Humbled, #Blessed and #AmericaFirst.

In the audio, President Trump addressed the voters of Arizona.

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“Hello Arizona, this is President Donald Trump, and I need you to help us with somebody that’s really worked hard and done a great job, that’s Kelli Ward,” President Trump began.

“She’s running to be re-elected as the Republican chair of the Arizona Republican Party,” said President Trump. “She is a terrific person, she is a person I know, she’s somebody that, you’ll never find anybody more dedicated to every aspect of what we’re all dedicated to.”

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The President continued, “So I give her my complete and total endorsement, whether it’s the Second Amendment or so many other things that she’s for, and very very heavy on our military, and election integrity, all of the things we want, that’s Kelli Ward, and nobody will outwork her.”

“I give my complete and total endorsement to Kelli Ward.”

Ward previously announced she secured President Trump’s endorsement on January 19, but National File has confirmed that this audio was recorded after January 20.

Earlier today, President Trump offered a brief and curt response to The Washington Examiner about his plans for the future, telling the establishment Republican outlet that “We’ll do something, but not just yet.”

This recorded endorsement of Kelli Ward appears to be President Trump’s first remarks, and first endorsement, since the end of his first term as President.

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