CAUGHT ON TAPE: Newsom Supporter At Ballot Box Says ‘I Voted No Three Times’

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Newsom Supporter At Ballot Box Says ‘I Voted
No Three Times’ 1

A man has been caught on tape dropping off ballots at a California ballot box for the gubernatorial recall election and admitting that he put in “three” ballots and that “I voted no three times.”

“I’m putting in three but I’m not ballot harvesting,” the man said. “I voted no three times,” the man added, referring to the California gubernatorial recall election. “No” represents a vote against the recall of Gavin Newsom — thus, the man voted for Newsom three times, according to his statement. He also said that he broke his Xerox machine. Here is the video:

Massive evidence of voting problems is already pouring out from Tuesday’s upcoming California recall election, in which Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom faces expulsion from office. Republican Larry Elder is the leading candidate to replace Newsom if a majority of voters cast their ballot to send Newsom packing. But the massive voting problems are leading to intense scrutiny of the legitimacy of the election. Some voters showed up at the polls and were told that they had already voted in the election — which, of course, they had not.

Former California residents are reporting that they are being harassed to send in their recall ballots. As journalist Elijah Schaeffer joked regarding a text message he received urging him to send in his recall ballot, “Glad to know they mailed me a recall ballot to some address I no longer live at in a state I haven’t voted in since 2018 and haven’t lived in for over 1.2 years.” Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks agreed, “I got that too and I left California like 7 years ago at least.”

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