China Just Banned Its Tallest Skyscrapers After Reports Of “Unexpected Wobbling”

China Just Banned Its Tallest Skyscrapers After Reports Of
"Unexpected Wobbling" 1

It looks like the era of building any type of real estate, anywhere in China, regardless of nearby population or intent to ever use the building, could finally be over. At least, that’s the case for skyscrapers…

That’s because the Chinese government is now prohibiting the building of its tallest skyscrapers to “ensure safety following mounting concerns over the quality of some projects”, according to Bloomberg

Apparently, when your country is on a “build real estate at all costs and for any reason necessary” kick, quality tends to fall by the wayside. Who would have thought?

The ban covers buildings that are taller than 500 meters, according to a new notice by the National Development and Reform Commission. Buildings over 250 meters will be “strictly limited” by local authorities. Buildings exceeding 100 meters will also have to “strictly match the scale of the city where they will be located, along with its fire rescue capability”, the report noted. 

The issue came to light after quality problems and safety hazards at some buildings, like a 72 story tower in Shenzhen that was closed in May after complaints of “unexpected wobbling”. The U.S. consulate in Guangzhou even told Americans to avoid the area. The building remains closed. 

Qiao Shitong, an associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong, said: “It’s primarily for safety. Extremely tall buildings are more like signature projects for mayors and not necessarily efficient.”

Five of the ten buildings in the world over 500 meters are in mainland China. 

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