Citizens Launch Petition To Audit The Vote In Pennsylvania, Citing ‘Alleged Fraud’

Citizens Launch Petition To Audit The Vote In Pennsylvania,
Citing ‘Alleged Fraud’ 1

Patriotic American citizens have launched a petition to urge the Pennsylvania legislature to audit the results of the 2020 election, citing “alleged fraud” and numerous statistical abnormalities. The citizens demand a recount of certain votes and signature verification on mail ballots. A Trump stronghold in 2016, Pennsylvania certified its Electoral College votes for Democrat Joe Biden after a disputed paper ballot-counting effort in Philadelphia that alarmed civilians nationwide.

The petition at, drafted by freedom activist Toni L. Shuppe of Citizens For Free Speech, lays out a number of concerning anomalies and calls for an audit similar to the kind currently underway in Maricopa County, Arizona, where Republicans in the Arizona Senate tagged in the Cyber Ninjas group to search for evidence of fraud.

The Pennsylvania petition states the following: “To all Pennsylvania Representatives and Senators, I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and the other 10,000+ PA residents who have attached their signature. We are reaching out to voice our concern over the Pennsylvania 2020 election process, procedures, and alleged fraud to restore confidence in our entire election process moving forward. I speak on behalf of everyone who signed this letter when I say we are extremely disappointed at not just the handling of the election irregularities, but also what appears to be the blatant disregard for the rule of law in our home state…

In addition, on November 19th, the Pennsylvania House voted to approve a Republican-sponsored measure to set up a near-immediate audit of the 2020 election, citing inconsistencies and confusion in the electorate as evidence that the process must be improved for future elections in the state. The vote was 112 in favor of the audit and 90 against it. However, the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee ultimately rejected the request for an audit…

According to the website, the purpose for a post-election audit is to detect errors, to deter fraudulent activity, to ensure votes were counted correctly, and to build voters’ trust in our elections. I have established below a list of irregularities that indicate enough cause for concern to perform a full investigative audit of the Pennsylvania 2020 General Election….” (READ THE FULL PETITION HERE)

“We believe this is more than enough evidence for WE THE PEOPLE to request a full investigative audit of the 2020 election…We are hereby requesting an investigative audit of the 2020 election to include the following:

  1. Recounts for all in person votes cast on election day including provisional ballots. We request that these be cross referenced with the mail in ballots to make sure each person only voted once.
  2. Recounts and audits including signature verification in accordance with Act 77 on all mail in ballots with an initial focus on Philadelphia and Allegheny counties.
  3. Full forensic investigation on all electronic voting machines conducted by an independent audit company.
  4. In order to allow time for a full forensic audit, we are requesting to push back the upcoming May primary elections for at least 90 days.

We are willing to help in this effort by donating our time free of charge to fully investigate and get to the bottom of these irregularities in our voting system to ensure the integrity of the vote moving forward. The initial batch of legislative meetings that were held in the month of February and March were completely insufficient and did not cover any of our concerns or address any of the irregularities that have been pointed out in this letter. It looked more like corporate paper pushing than an honest attempt at election integrity. This is not going away no matter how many times you tell us to just move on. Election records are saved for 22 months for this exact reason, and this should be a bipartisan issue…Attached you will find signatures of ­­over 10,000 Pennsylvania residents who are behind this effort and that number is growing by 200 to 500 signatures daily. We appreciate you being willing to do the job we elected you for and look forward to hearing from you regarding your plans to proceed with the full investigative audit of the 2020 General Election….” (PETITION PASSAGE ENDS)

These citizens are not messing around!

Pennsylvania was home to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s electrifying hearing on election fraud, which he convened in Gettysburg on November 25, during the election overtime period. Despite a lot of support from Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers, GOP leadership in the state legislature decided to turn its back on President Donald Trump and Joe Biden got the electoral votes. NATIONAL FILE REPORTED at the time of the hearing:

President Donald Trump, Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, and a coterie of witnesses including poll watchers presented irrefutable evidence of massive election fraud in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election at a Wednesday Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing convened at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And the pro-Trump Union won big at Gettysburg.

Evidence poured out into the open showing paper ballot fraud, including the revelation that boxes of thousands of paper ballots were stored in a back room in Philadelphia while the mail-in ballots were counted and Republican poll watchers were corralled behind a fence where they could not view the counting. Bombshell evidence of ballots being “duplicated” by election workers with pink highlighter — pink highlighter that did not work in the machines — cast doubt on the election. Jenna Ellis urged the Pennsylvania legislature to call a special election or appoint pro-Trump electors, but NOT to certify the fraudulent election results showing Democrat Joe Biden in a disputed lead over President Trump. The hearing came on the heels of a Pennsylvania judge Wednesday ruling that certification can not take place at this time. WATCH THE AMAZING HEARING HERE, IN FULL:

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