CNN's Van Jones, David Axelrod rip fellow Democrats as 'annoying and offensive,' 'out of touch,' 'moralizing' amid big election night loss

CNN's Van Jones, David Axelrod rip fellow Democrats as
'annoying and offensive,' 'out of touch,' 'moralizing' amid big
election night loss 1

Amid the shocking political turnaround in Virginia that culminated with Republican Glenn Youngkin’s defeat of far-left Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor Tuesday night, CNN’s Van Jones and David Axelrod reflected on how their own Democratic Party managed to lose so big in a blue state.

‘Annoying and offensive’

Jones surmised that Democrats have been living in a political bubble and not paying attention to voters’ real day-to-day needs — and paid for it at the ballot box.

“I think that the Democrats are coming across in ways that we don’t recognize that are annoying and offensive, and seem out of touch in ways that I don’t think show up in our feeds, when we’re looking at our kind of echo chamber,” Jones said, mimicking someone scrolling through a smartphone. “And I think that this is a message here.”

CNN’s Van Jones admits Democrats are “annoying and offensive.”

‘Moralizing’ messages: ‘We will tell you what is right’

Axelrod echoed Jones’ take, adding that Democrats also have come across as preachy to the point that they’re dictating what voters should believe and how they should behave.

He noted that the Democratic Party has “become a more college-educated, urban party in coalition with minority voters, and the messages tend to be moralizing. It’s like, ‘We are going to tell you; we will tell you what is right.’ And no connection to people who work with their hands, people who work with their backs, rural voters, so that’s part of the problem.”

Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod: Democrats Have “No Connection” With Blue-Collar Americans

How are folks reacting?

Twitter users responding to Jones’ comments posted on the Republican National Committee Research page couldn’t agree more:

  • “Oh honey, it’s not that they just come across that way, they are,” one commenter said.
  • “Yeah people are tired of all that woke nonsense,” another user offered. “We just want to know what is going on and live as peacefully as we can with one another.”
  • “YA THINK?” another commenter mockingly asked. “What idiot thought it was a good idea to portray concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists’? ‘Defund the Police’ wasn’t a big enough failure, so Democrats went to war with parents?”
  • “‘Seem out of touch’?” another user wondered. “The fact that they don’t discuss the border crisis, the Afghanistan fiasco, defunding the police, the crime, the failing public schools are all evidence of that. Those problems do not exist to them.”

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