Come Jan. 6, there could be a “contingent” election where Biden loses

Come Jan. 6, there could be a "contingent" election where
Biden loses 1

(Natural News) Now that the Electoral College has reportedly given Joe Biden the “270 votes” he needs to become “president,” the mainstream media has declared the election as officially over. But is it really?

Kyle Becker of Fox News tweeted on Monday that the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are all sending Trump Electors to the Electoral College. This means that all seven of these states are splitting their votes against Biden and for President Donald Trump.

How things will all pan out on Jan. 6 remains to be seen, but we know that the establishment narrative, as usual, is false.

“The 7 states register for the historical record that election fraud & unlawful election changes are *not* acceptable,” Becker added.

Ali from #StopTheSteal also tweeted about the bravery of the GOP electors who broke tradition and did what they thought was right, even “under the threat of death by Democrats and their paramilitary Antifa arm.”

“This is not just symbolic but also legal,” Ali added. “We had to have them meet in a formal setting. Courts could still throw out elections. Legislative bodies can still meet. Pence has options. And so does Congress.”

Try as they did to derail the effort, the Democrats ultimately failed to prevent Team Trump from pursuing justice. The president has not, and will not, concede the fraudulent election to Biden.

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Will Congress end up reelecting President Trump for a second term?

Had the GOP electors in these seven states not conditionally cast protest votes for Trump, the president would have had a more difficult path to victory. Now, he can continue to fight for what The Election Wizard is describing as an “epic showdown in the U.S. House.”

“It is up to the 117th Congress, as dictated by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution” to decide who is president on Jan. 6, tweeted C-SPAN political reporter Chad Pergram about what Americans can expect in less than a month’s time.

“Lawmakers certify the electoral results in a Joint Session of Congress.”

Even though the Electoral College has officially voted, that vote has not yet been officially certified. Congress, it turns out, has the final authority, and Vice President Mike Pence could end up choosing not to accept Electors from states that are determined to have engaged in election fraud.

“Legally, no one is President-elect until Congress certifies a majority of the electoral college for that person,” added attorney Robert Barnes in a tweet.

What could end up culminating is a “duel slate” election scenario in which an alternative slate of electors votes for President Trump, potentially propelling him to the needed 270 electoral votes.

“It’s definitely happening,” says White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller. “It’s not a secret. The campaign is up there doing this right now … One of the electors is a good friend of mine, and she’s up there right now in Atlanta.”

Miller added in a statement that the Republican slate for the Electoral College is going to claim that they were legitimately elected before ultimately voting for Trump and sending that vote to Congress for final approval.

Should the situation transpire in this manner, it would be the first time since 1876 that a state has had two different slates of conflicting electors. Back then, disputed election results in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Oregon prompted a congressional compromise that led to Republicans keeping the White House in exchange for concessions to Democrats.

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