CONFIRMED: Turning Point DID NOT Invite Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem to Speak at Election Protection Event, But Invited Lawmaker Who Killed Election Reform Bill Instead

CONFIRMED: Turning Point DID NOT Invite Arizona Rep. Mark
Finchem to Speak at Election Protection Event, But Invited Lawmaker
Who Killed Election Reform Bill Instead 1

Earlier today, Big League Politics reported on how Turning Point invited Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita to speak at their election protection event shortly after she killed crucial election reform legislation.

Representatives from Turning Point USA and their sister organization, Turning Point Action, stated that the report was “fake news” after One America News Network (OAN) analyst Christina Bobb retweeted the article.

Big League Politics reached out to state representative Mark Finchem for confirmation, and he provided us with the email that was sent to him by Turning Point representatives. There was no invitation for Finchem in the email that was only partially posted by Turning Point Action Enterprise Director Austin Smith in an attempt to save face for the organization.

Instead, Finchem was given the opportunity to show up as a VIP attendee of the conference and watch the woman who killed election reform in his state share the stage with former president Donald Trump and promote her candidacy for secretary of state.

“You and other legislators led the charge nationwide for voter integrity and listened attentively to the people to defend our elections, not just in Arizona but across the country. It would only be fitting to have you join us as we organize and mobilize Maricopa County now for a sweeping victory in November 2022,” Smith wrote in his email offering Finchem two free VIP tickets to the event.

Finchem confirmed to Big League Politics that he “was invited to attend but not invited to speak.” He said he will be out of state helping the intrepid lawmakers of Michigan replicate the forensic audit that has uncovered a great deal of corruption in Arizona.

“I received a lot of questions as to why I’m not going to be at the event on Saturday, well, it’s because I am still in the trenches. I will be in Michigan working with lawmakers to jumpstart a forensic audit in Michigan. I gave them my word, and I will follow through on my word,” he said.

“It’s three minutes on stage talking about what you’ve done, or a day meeting with people helping them to get done what you’ve done. What would you do?” Finchem added.

Finchem mentioned Arizona state senator Sonny Borelli as an individual who would be appropriate to speak at the event since he is an individual who has been fighting for the forensic audit since its inception and been instrumental in its success.

Big League Politics has reported on Urgenti-Rita’s betrayal of the conservative Arizona grassroots for her own petty, vindictive reasons:

Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-Scottsdale) recently killed a crucial bill to protect election integrity, one of her colleagues has reported.

State senator Kelly Townsend (R–Mesa) reported that Ugenti-Rita killed Senate Bill 1241 (SB1241), which she described as having “over 34 serious election integrity provisions.” Townsend said Ugenti-Rita killed the bill due to pettiness as “she was mad that I didn’t get her permission to run them.”

Townsend’s social media post can be seen here:

Additionally, Townsend noted Ugenti-Rita’s refusal to bring up SB1241 in the Government Committee, and then used the fact that the bill did not receive a hearing as an excuse to vote it down.

“I think that’s a pretty substandard approach,” Townsend said, adding that her bills “never had a chance.”

“This chairwoman is denying the people of Arizona confidence and election security,” she added. “That’s unacceptable.”

Ugenti-Rita is hoping to become the next secretary of state in Arizona, but this incredibly petty behavior in state senate leadership shows she is completely unqualified for the job.”

We will continue to provide updates to this story as it develops.

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