Congressman-Elect at DC Rally: ‘Election Integrity Is the Foundation of Our Republic’

Congressman-Elect at DC Rally: ‘Election Integrity Is the
Foundation of Our Republic’ 1

Congressman-elect Bob Good of Virginia spoke at a grassroots event in Washington D.C. on Saturday. He said he strongly supports President Donald Trump and thinks election integrity is the foundation of the country.

“I’m strongly behind President Trump. He’s the best president of my lifetime. I’ve never known a president more deserving of reelection. So I’m here to support him. And I’m also here to support election integrity to make sure we count every legal vote. And we investigate every accusation of illegal voting or improper voting.”

Good believes there was widespread voter fraud, especially in places where there is no voter ID and voter signature validation enforced.

“I think there was widespread voter fraud, widespread inappropriate activity. When you have a state that voted for no IDs, no voter IDs, there’s no reason to be against voter IDs unless you want to allow people to cheat.”

“I support again, only allowing legal votes to be counted and investigating every accusation of illegal voting, whether you’re talking about again, ballots cast without IDs, ballots cast without signature matches, where we allowed people to change their ballots after the fact, that we prohibited observers from being present to observe the ballot counting, all kinds of issues that need to be investigated. So I support that until every effort is exhausted.”

Good said the election integrity is very important, it’s the foundation of the United States.

“Election integrity is the foundation of our republic, our representative democracy. If we don’t have election integrity, not just this election, but future elections, we don’t have a republic.”

He said Americans need to root out fraud, cheating, and stealing.

“The Democrat Party never recognized President Trump as the legitimate winner in 2016. They spent two years lying about him with this phony Russian collusion charge that had no basis in truth, when that was debunked and misproven, then they tried for a year to impeach the president. When that didn’t happen, of course, there was no basis for impeachment, then they set about trying to steal this election, and unfortunately, looks like they may have been successful.”

Good called for Republican politicians to speak out for President Trump.

“We’ve got to stand strong and support the president, exhaust every effort to make sure this election is conducted fairly, and where it hasn’t been conducted fairly, that is investigated and that is addressed.”

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